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PSP Go!View coming this summer

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Apr 2008 15:19 User comments (4)

PSP Go!View coming this summer Sky, the British TV network has announced that its highly anticipated on-demand TV service Go!View will hit the Sony PSP this summer.
The service will allow owners of the gaming handheld to use the built-in Wi-Fi "to watch shows offered on Sky independently of the satellite connection." Users will have the option to either pay-per-view or sign up for a monthly flat-rate subscription model. The company did say the shows could be downloaded on a PC first then transferred to the PSP later if the viewer chooses.

The network did not yet release a list of the content that will be available or the pricing structure but say they expect to offer everything from sports to full movies. There was also no word on whether the service would be PSP-exclusive or if it would expand to other handheld devices such as the iPod Touch for one example.

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4 user comments

124.4.2008 18:11

I wonder why they don't mention the PS3. Anything you can do on the PSP (aside from skype) can be done on the PS3... depending on the DRM of these files works (if there is any) one could use the PS3 to house and even play all of the downloaded content as the PS3 will play all PSP compatable video.

... interesting.

224.4.2008 19:43

wish it works for fat psps ..

324.4.2008 21:27

Originally posted by mrgooey:
wish it works for fat psps ..
I think you are going to have to buy a slim....

They will get your cash....don't you worry....

425.4.2008 1:22

No chance this'l work in the US?

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