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iPhone sells out in UK

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2008 17:51

iPhone sells out in UK Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that following their price cut on 8GB model iPhones, the unit has completely sold out in all of the retailer's stores.
A spokesman for Carphone Warehouse confirmed, "Our price promotion has given many more of our customers the opportunity to enjoy the iPhone experience."

"Due to this unprecedented demand we have now sold out of the 8GB iPhone and we're currently reviewing the stock situation."

"In the meantime, customers can still purchase the 16GB iPhone at the standard price at The Carphone Warehouse."

The retailer is now considering whether or not it wants to restock the item, with the cell network O2 stating the same thing. Both made the price cuts at the same time.

However, if you are still looking for the 8GB model, Apple still has alot in stock (they didn't drop price), both online and at its retail outlets.

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