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MPAA wins case against ShowStash and Cinematube

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 May 2008 16:42 User comments (8)

MPAA wins case against ShowStash and Cinematube In a not so shocking decision, a jury has awarded the MPAA around $4 million USD in fines from the companies and The sites were sued last year by the MPAA and have been defending their actions ever since. What gives this case more importance over the thousands of others the MPAA has filed is that neither company hosted any of the unauthorized content and instead acted as search engines.
Regardless of that fact, the courts fined ShowStash $2.7 million USD and Cinematube $1.3 million for their actions, fueling more fire for the MPAA which has been on a role with "victories" as of late. It seems that new business model of the MPAA and RIAA is to "vigorously pursue litigation” and make a profit in the courts. Of course it is clear that these organizations will never see any of this money, essentially because the companies and people they are suing don't have it.

The MPAA was awarded $111 million US from TorrentSpy earlier this month, but the site's lawyers said the company was bankrupt and would not pay one dime. Publicity stunts or legitimate lawsuits?

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8 user comments

124.5.2008 17:28

I don't believe this, the courts awarding four million to the MPAA because of people using two websites as search engines?! MY GOD, WHAT'S NEXT, suing GOOGLE, or IMDB for having the terminity to have movie links on their websites. This has to be one of the most ridiculous and frivilous misuses of power I've seen to date by these morons. But it just goes to show, that if you've got deep pockets you can buy a judge, jury and verdict against anybody. I can't understand how a company can be sued for being a search engine, that makes about as much sense as someone suing a car dealer because their ads on TV are available online so you can see the car you want to buy. It makes you wonder just where this world is going to.

224.5.2008 17:47

Another victory for the big guy. How much longer is this going to go on? Did these duche bags get sick of taking grand mas to court? Next they'll want your arm and leg!

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324.5.2008 19:13

Bastards.thats all i have to say

424.5.2008 21:29

So does this mean that if the US Supreme Court has a search engine that allowed one to find a copyrighted torrent (on some legal issue) the US Supreme court would be sued by the MPAA and lose in a jury case? Logics the same.Just crazy.

525.5.2008 1:02

You can't stop a group like the MPAA without putting them against the wall and shooting them.
In short, showing them they can't have everything their way.
That's not going to happen.

626.5.2008 10:06

Justice system? I don't think the US has one of those.
It really doesn't surprise me anymore why other countries want
to bomb you.

727.5.2008 9:29

Hobo, dude, layoff the flaming tone... US is not perfect, but it's a great nation and your words are way off for the memorial weekend.

It's all about how to convince the 12 jurors, people! I served once, i have to say, most of them are normal average joe/janes, but there always one or two anal nuts...

88.6.2008 22:33

Originally posted by mspurloc:
You can't stop a group like the MPAA without putting them against the wall and shooting them.
In short, showing them they can't have everything their way.
That's not going to happen.
not enough bullets....

better, if you hold an awards show in LA honoring all the "saviors" of the floundering movie industry

then ask the president to "drop THE FOOTBALL" on the left coast


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