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Sony shows off new LED-backlit Bravia HDTVs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2008 21:59 User comments (5)

Sony shows off new LED-backlit Bravia HDTVs Sony announced yesterday that it had updated its top of the line BRAVIA XBR HDTV lineup with new sets across the board.
The XBR8 series will see a new 46 and 55 inch model which are Sony's first to have LED backlights. The improved lighting provides a better contrast ratio and more even and color accurate images. The two new TVs will each include the "new BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO for rendering the image, 120Hz panels to improve the picture in fast movement, a hooks for the BRAVIA Internet Link adapter, and a media port for connecting iPods and other media players."

Each of the models have four HDMI 1.3 inputs with deep color support, component jacks, PC inputs and Ethernet for connecting to the Internet.

A new XBR7 set will feature more traditional fluorescent backlighting but will include the same other features such as deep color HDMI 1.3, 120Hz panels and Ethernet.

There was no word on price but the entire line will be available in the fall.

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5 user comments

16.6.2008 22:54

Sony TV's=Expensive i did research for prices and techdata, (i own a samsung plasma tv by the way in case u just picture me buying some really cheap tv)

27.6.2008 3:00

I would rather get a Samsung, Panasonic or Mitsubishi TV.

Although I will admit I would like to see one of these new Sony TVs, I would think the LED backlight would make the picture too bright not causing the colors to fade or anything but just too bright for my eyes.

I wonder what the Ethernet jack is for on a TV, maybe it updates the TV with DRM. ;-)

Personally, and I know this isn't just from Sony, I don't like the 120Hz feature. Its a good thing you can turn it off because although I will agree it does make the picture better for the most part it makes me kind of sick although I haven't been able to pin-point why.


37.6.2008 6:05


49.6.2008 8:33

I bought the 52" Bravia in December for $2,349.00... I looked at a lot of TV's before I made my purchase and I was specifically looking for a plasma, not an LCD... in the end though this LCD was simply the best looking tv in my price range... in fact the only television that I found that looked better was a $6,000 Pioneer Plasma... so I felt and still feel pretty good about it. I have it hooked up to HD satellite & a PS3 and I get raves from people who already have HDTV's but say theirs don't look even close to mine with a blu-ray disk in....

I'm sure though that anyone going to make a purchase like this will go through the same thing I did... checking out lots of different tv's... counting your pennies... The hunt is the fun, but it's awesome to have the trophy in your living room.

Good luck to any new TV hunters out there!

510.6.2008 1:33

Ilove Sony Bravia LCD TV's i have one and they are not cheap i bought mine for a grand and i had to save like anything if u have the money they are worth every penny if u dont well i guess u have to go for the next best thing. Manafacturers and retailers have to realize what can they make that will sell lots of and is most cost effective for the consumer.

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