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PSP tops Japanese hardware sales again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2008 21:21 User comments (7)

PSP tops Japanese hardware sales again According to figures from Media Create, for the week ended June 1st, Japanese console hardware sales saw a nice surge and the PSP remained dominant.
The Sony handheld sold 71, 986 units for the week, up from 64,449 for the week before it. The ever popular Nintendo Wii trailed behind with 50,851 units sold, up from last week's 49,047 units sold.

The Ninendo DS sold well again, with 38,355 and the PlayStation 3 saw a surge as well, to 9169 units, up from 9017.

As is now expected in the Japanese market, the Xbox 360 lagged very far behind, selling only 1959 units for the week.

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7 user comments

16.6.2008 22:49

i stil hav my fat psp(bought it back in 2006), at first it was great cuz there was no ps3 so graphics felt great (ps2 alike) but after some pc releases, ps3 release, did not deliver the same + the lack of really good games, don't get me wrong i spended countless hours playing +i modded it (crystal case.leds)+ i own lfp so i watch tv wherever i want but it's lifetime is ending. i hope sony releases psp2 with bluetooth, smaller umd's, pciture this a mini blu ray len would be amazing

27.6.2008 2:02

Well i think that the PSP has plenty of life in it. Even more so with the connectivity with the PS3. and i dont think the PSP has to match graphics with PS3 and PC. NDS doesnt so why should it? I think its still great and the games that are out for the PSP are great. Anyone played/is playing Crisis Core? im over 100hrs of gameplay on that cuz i love tryin to max everything or God of War? And as you can see sales are still increasing so I dont see any reason for Sony to release a new portable system.

37.6.2008 17:42

I'm not surprised sales of the PSP is on the rise. I have my original fat PSP which is modded. And my slim, which as of yet is not. I play them both quite frequently.

The graphics and functionality of the PSP is pretty excellent IMO.

47.6.2008 21:26

DS hits saturation point + SP being the only other portable gaming alternative...its no wonder its sales might spike despite having games or media to play on it you don;t have top hack to enjoy.....

58.6.2008 0:07

back to it again the only reason i could see the psp spiking in sales is because of the playstation 3 and the playstation network supporting downloadable psp titles and i could also see a rise in this because there are reports and rumors that within a few days they will be releasing a mod chip for the psp not a firmware hack.

But i don't trust that i think most of all people are getting bored of the lame ds titles i own both a psp and a nintendo ds lite and my psp is my best freind period.

610.6.2008 13:30

Just got the red psp, God of War rules! The slim is slick, i retired my phat. Besides games, the PSP is basically a portable hdd (with extra ammo of mem sticks). Musics videos and pictures on the go. If that's not enough, i can connect to my PS3 at home for more stuffs... It's slick and now it's slim too. I like my DS too, but i haven't play any DS games lately. Touch screen is nice, but graphic-wise, PSP rules. Don't get me wrong, the brain exercising games on the DS is all good.

710.6.2008 20:53

I don't have any of the above mentioned toys. Instead I have to study for my board examination, so all the numbers of who is ahead mean little to me.

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

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