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Virgin and BPI send letters to suspected pirates

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2008 19:30 User comments (11)

Virgin and BPI send letters to suspected pirates Virgin Media ISP and the British Photographic Institute (BPI) have begun sending out a fresh batch of letters to customers who they suspect are participating in the unauthorized downloading of music and movies.
These customers will receive an 'informative correspondence" from both Virgin and the BPI which will "educate them on how to safely download music without being at risk of legal action."

The BPI, unlike other organizations like the RIAA, does not believe in suing users before they have at least received ample warnings, and acknowledges that some of the unauthorized downloads may have been done without the owners knowledge or consent. Unsecured wireless, children, and other family members using the computer without owner knowledge were the reasons given.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI, added: 'Education is absolutely key to reducing the extent of illegal downloading and we are pleased to be working with Virgin Media on this campaign.'

The BPI however also notes that anyone who receives several warnings but "continues to offend" will have their Internet account cut off by the ISP and face legal consequences.

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11 user comments

16.6.2008 20:07

If they decide to send me one of these special letters then I'm leaving their service.

26.6.2008 20:11

me tae like

36.6.2008 20:57

Same here.. If they send me one they will get the response "prove it was me" and a copy of this article.
Then I'm with the carphone warehouse... because I download everything through stolen wifi.. so how can they catch me? Welcome to the darknet.. where the terrorists and real criminals lurk. Forced there by the greedy and invasive.

read this and then see a lawyer!!
get one of those shyster no win no fee sharks who will take anything.. seek 1,000,000 compensation for invasion of privacy and threatening behaviour based on inadmissable under law evidence!!

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47.6.2008 13:36

varnull.....your an absolute nutter!

This is a major defeat for those who attempt to enforce copyright in Italy.

with all the factions nothing get done in Italy......every time the government request any information from anyone it's always the same
non abbiamo pi il materiale in questione
even if the Italians had any information taken from people, that wouldn't mean a thing.....they would fire out all of those emails....then a week later the SP/GOV would simply clam
non abbiamo pi il materiale in questione
nobody wants to keep a f#cking records anywhere! you file for a background check, put down the dam 300 and in a few days they request another 300 because I didn't fill out the proper forms!!!

ha! Italians have nothing to fear from be punished with anything that deals with massive amounts of data....why?? because lots of data = lots of work...lots of work done by Italians means a guaranteed screw up:)


57.6.2008 13:42

But did you read the rest of it.. Italy is an EU member state and a legal precident set there impacts on EU directives and can be used as a defence in all other member states. That's why so many console modding sites (and my forums) are deliberately hosted there.

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67.6.2008 17:48

That's why so many console modding sites are deliberately hosted there.


These customers will receive an 'informative correspondence" from both Virgin and the BPI which will "educate them on how to safely download music without being at risk of legal action."

Yeah, buy a wi-fi USB device and pilfer.

79.6.2008 0:00

i wonder, i do, if it would be a good idea to flood snail mail of places like BPI, RIAA, etc etc.

What with you might ask?

i reckon they will have unauthorised copies of software, maybe even hardware and that they need to cease and desist etc. Seems to me that folks like that often forget to gain their own authorisations first. And, if nothing else, for the cost of a stamp, envelope and 1 sheet of paper the joy would be rather pleasant to experience.

812.6.2008 21:19

varnull, I did expect to see you here and was not disapointed.

94.12.2008 13:17

OMG whats utter bollax, guess who got those very letters this morning, better still they posted the letters with full ip numbers passwords etc etc and of course my home address, awesome for anyone who wants a credit card just in time for xmas huh. or aybe just a mobile phone or two, o yes there really is enough information on the two letters to do that.

and the best bit it was issued based on a single file (MP3) some 4 months back) ok so if the file was indeed downloaded , this i cannot confirm or deny as i have the hard copy (purchased cd) of the said file in the first instance (the cd was purchased before this file was appartently downloaded for all those who like the idea of backups) but lets assume all is correct, i have a large issue i will be taking further with the provider.

I do a lot of work of need to know information, dont get me wrong we not talking spy stuff but we are talking information that in the wrong hands could be very valuble. now my work involves an element of web access email (not the best i know) and other internet transactions, yeah its got basic file passwords etc etc but lets be honest all easy to open really.

When i took the service i specifically enquired that the service was suitable to my needs, but it would seem this was utter crap.

So if they are monitoring my account to the level of each file, they are infact breaking a few govenment laws of thier own, as some documents are actually parts of various acts that require certain background checks for elegability of access, mmmm dont think my provider will have those....So now my company has now got the required solicitor pushing forward, o and this solicitor is funded by those who make the laws. i could not give a monkeys about the mp3 thing thats just irrelivant compared to the other things that leave my machine.

Thought you guys would like to know these things as a first time post i thought information would be usefull, i will of course keep you updated to the outcome.

Great site and great source of info.

The Zedman

105.12.2008 7:17

I don't think they are nearly as smart as you think they are. I migh be wrong but I do not think that one mp3 file got you in trouble. They can't even see one mp3 file unless they were already watching you. Someone is downloading more that one file with our IP address. If you have kids,give the the 1st degree. Make sure your wireless network is secure.

You are correct in that hacking computers is more illegal that downloading music for your own personal use in that hacking gets jail time p2p does not.

I know someone that got the same letter from Cox. He had downloaded more than one mp3 file.

I would deny the activity and ask why did they send you the letter. I do happen to know virgin does hack into customers computers. If someone else was using your ISP for heavy P2P and they search your computer and find p2p software they send you a letter. Most letters have files you have downloaded for proof. If yours did not have any they figured you cleverly moved the files. I am willing to bet you have an unsecured wireless network.

Don't be like my idiot brother in law. He claimes he doesn't have a wireless network to secure but there are no wires other than the powercords going to his computers. Someone has tapped him for YEARS. His service has been throttled since his ISP started throttling. He thinks I am an idiot for suggesting someone is using his computer network. That is what happens when you think you have a brain and you don't.

Pay someone to check out your system if you have to. Unless you have a wire going from your modem to your computer you have a wireless network.

115.12.2008 9:50

dont get me wrong i understand the p2p stuff very well and the have a fully operating wireless router that has no password for many years (wink wink) read between the lines of my first post and you'll get the drift. new to this forum but not new to pc's by a long way.

its the point about hacking & reading files etc etc that is not pleasing me, and its outta my hands now, my company is pushing this hard, requesting full investigation reports from the isp and further more the transfer of personnal information to third parties (in this case bpi) to be made fully transparent,(that in itself is a sticky one), if what you say about the isp sometimes hit the computers and nose about then they really could be in the muck, like i said, some files require certain personnal access requirements. i doubt they got into them but just scanning & recording/having copies without licence is a crown offence unless proved to be by mistake, mmm let a little slip there......

if i could tell you what i do and what information we were talking about it would help, so like i say i'll keep you informed of the outcome

on another point, now this has come up, how does the following sit with p2p, its a curiosity i have, say i make a 3dmax, word doc or whatever and decide to distribute with a password to open, if p2p didtributes it all is fine as my file my password to who gets permission granted etc etc. now mr isp sees p2p running, are they going to assume its illigal files or they going to see what the file is try to open it to view contents,,,,,,,,,,

either way as far as i can tell, the above would be making assumptions or require hacking the file to see it contents...................

just a curiosity, when you said they can see p2p movement it got me wondering.

any how great site

The Zedman

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