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Motorola set to launch movie service

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jun 2008 12:16 User comments (3)

Motorola set to launch movie service Motorola has announced today that it has inked a deal with Paramount to start a movie download service for its millions of mobile phone customers.
The service will launch in the UK at first and then move to Germany, Italy, Spain and France. The service is different than other mobile offerings however and will not allow on the go downloads. Users will instead have to download the movies to their PCs and then move them over to memory cards on their Motorola phones.

The company is hoping that customers will pay up to £8.99 per movie to watch on the small screen.

“We’re expecting significant consumer interest in the movie download store, with blockbusters available from just £5.99,”
said Andrew Till, senior director of applications and service portfolio of the multimedia team at Motorola. “The first 40 films being made available mark a significant step change in our content strategy and we look forward to adding further rich material in the coming weeks and months.”

Prices will range from £5.99 for catalog movies to £8.99 for newer releases.

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3 user comments

19.6.2008 12:45

£8.99 per movie to watch on the small screen.
omg what a waste of money why bother, when a dvd in the UK costs from just £3, and £9 for a new title?

imho get an iphone and a slingbox and stream what you like when you like and bypass these fools, slingbox = 1 off payment.

Slingbox ready for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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29.6.2008 18:29

No doubt 'nobrainer'. Besides.........should Motorola concentrate on improving the quality of their phones? Additionally, I could just frakkin' imagine people walking around the streets with their heads glued to the porta-tube.

Dope idea with the Slingbox stream to phone!!!!

39.6.2008 21:22

With all the lousy programming, they should call it the "Garbage Channel", brought to you by Waste Management.

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

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