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AfterDawn's 9th birthday

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2008 4:54 User comments (35)

AfterDawn's 9th birthday Wow. It is exactly nine years now since our site was launched to public for the first time. In the world where thousands of websites get launched each week and thousands of sites fold as well, it seems like an eternity. And how amazing these years have been..
During the last year, our site has managed to grow in many ways -- we have reached new all-time records with our traffic, our Finnish site is now Finland's largest IT site, we've launched Swedish version of AfterDawn, launched product comparison service, installed fleet of new servers to support the continuous growth of the site, etc. Simply put, the growth continues. Next year we'll be celebrating our 10th birthday, which seems unbelievable. Something that began as a hobby project, has grown into a project that reaches millions of people, month after month.

Now, I wont bore you further, but would like to thank all of my fellow admins, our excellent team of forum moderators and of course, all of our users, for making this site possible.

On behalf of AfterDawn,

-Petteri Pyyny

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35 user comments

110.6.2008 5:01

Happy Birthday

210.6.2008 5:16

Happy B'Day afterdawn. keep the great service you provide alive for many years to come.

so you thought you'd set up the site just in time for the millennium bug to destroy the world then! anyone know the first story run on afterdawn?

On this day in history:

Nato suspends its 11-week air campaign against Serb forces as they begin to withdraw from Kosovo. A genocide overlooked because of the lack of oil in the region paves way for permanent US military bases.

I'm not sure if that's 9 year old news as it feels so current!

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310.6.2008 5:33

Wow, the years do go by dont they?

I first stumbled upon AD in 2002 I think, and Ive stopped by daily since then.

Next year we should have a big party to celebrate 10 years on!

410.6.2008 7:19

Wow, this comes by faster each year ;)

Party at dRD's house next year for the 10th! :)

Happy Birthday aD.


510.6.2008 7:41

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday dear AfterDawn! Happy birthday to you! Now your 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...your 9 years old!

(that was cheesy)

610.6.2008 8:13


710.6.2008 8:45

Happy Birthday aD!

Where's the dancer's?

810.6.2008 9:23

where's my cake?

910.6.2008 9:44

May the staff decorate your desk while you are on vacation dRD...

1010.6.2008 9:55

^ Nice!


1110.6.2008 10:03

Happy Birthday AD and many more to come!!

1210.6.2008 12:13

I hope there are more birthday's to come AD!

1310.6.2008 12:40

Happy birth-day AD It's great place to share... to leanning a new things... Hop to see you up to 100th birth-day.....

1410.6.2008 13:02

Happy Birthday Afterdawn

Thanks for all the help and advice with my Replay Lite!

1510.6.2008 13:10

Happy B-Day afterdawn ! Many more to come !

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

1610.6.2008 13:51

Congrat's guys and gals, what a tremendous effort over the years. Looking forward to all the giveaways that we'll get (hint...hint) on the big one next year. :p

Many, many happy returns


1710.6.2008 14:09

I still want to know where the dancers are.

1810.6.2008 14:12

Originally posted by 7thsinger:
I still want to know where the dancers are.

They're coming, they're coming !!!

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

1910.6.2008 16:31

Originally posted by 7thsinger:
I still want to know where the dancers are.

for the love of rice krispies get this user some dancers lol

anybody know whos birthday it is?????

the day of big wind is no time to do tatched roof eamos locker bad flash guide and com port change
forum rules

2010.6.2008 16:50

Well Done AD! Next year a big party!

2110.6.2008 17:20

Love the site, keep up the non-biased tech news that draws me here everyday! I'll see all at the party next year.

Any idea where it will be at? Why not in Amsterdam? I'm down.
Either way Happy Birthday.

2210.6.2008 20:23

Happy Bday afterdawn wow 9 years and i have to say its been a pleasure to be a part of this great website full of people that care for the well being of this site and each other. May AfterDawn still go strong for many years to come.

Happy Birthday

2312.6.2008 1:25

Happy B-Day AD! I learned so much from this site!

2412.6.2008 8:56

Happy Birthday!
Between you guys and a TV network called Tech TV (which is no longer around), I've finally got a computer I'm happy with.

2512.6.2008 9:30

Happy Birthday AD!!!! Since finding this site 3 years ago, y'all have really helped me with all my tech questions. Cheers to you and many more successful helpful years to come!!!!

2612.6.2008 18:43

Happy Birthday guys! I just want you to know that the first time I log onto your site, I got some very important information. You have saved my computer system many of times. God bless, Afterdawn!

2712.6.2008 21:24

I've learned a lot from the members on AD and hope I can at least help someone in return. long live the King !


2812.6.2008 22:26

happy b-day AD may I wiss you go on for at least another 9 years

2912.6.2008 23:09

Typical... nine year olds always expect a party. When you're 14 you'll be too grown up for a party... enjoy while your young enuf to appreciate it.

3013.6.2008 0:10

Originally posted by arem220:
Typical... nine year olds always expect a party. When you're 14 you'll be too grown up for a party... enjoy while you'rE young enuf to appreciate it.

3113.6.2008 0:19

Happy Birthday AfterDawn!
many more to to ya!

3213.6.2008 0:41

This website has been a charm. Happy birthday and thanks to all who have been a part of its growth and success. Here's to many more anniversaries!!

3313.6.2008 22:30

Have a very happy birthday and have many more. I look forward to each edition because your articles are always well written and informative.

3415.6.2008 23:44


Thanks for all your help


3516.8.2008 14:28

Congratulations AD
for a complete novice like myself you have been a great help
hope you go no for many years
many thanks for all the advice you put forward from your many loyal members

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