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Xbox 360 price cut expected before E3?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Jun 2008 18:13 User comments (9)

Xbox 360 price cut expected before E3? Jesse Divnich, an expert analyst from the firm EEDAR, has said that a Microsoft Xbox 360 price cut, or maybe a model introduction, will happen before or at the E3 event next month.
Without citing any specific sources, Divnich says he is "very confident" a price cut is coming, or perhaps the introduction of a new version. Blu-ray model anyone?

It is unclear how drastic the price cut will be, if it comes, especially as Microsoft currently sells its Arcade version for $280 and Elite model at $450, both priced to compete with rivals Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 which sell for $250 and $400 (for cheapest model) respectively.

Divnich continued on by saying that the newly released blockbuster Metal Gear Solid 4 should be a catalyst for PS3 sales due to its exclusive nature and he expects a high attach rate.

We will keep you updated.

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9 user comments

114.6.2008 18:46

Oh my, not a new model...please...
A price cut, hell yea

214.6.2008 20:12

Theres no way the Xbox 360 Elite should still be at it's current price. Microsoft needs to price the $450 Elite to compete more effectively with Sony's $399 PS3 which includes a 40GB hard drive, Blu-ray drive/player, Wi-Fi, Wireless Controller, and blu-tooth technology VS. the Xbox 360 Elite's 120GB hard drive, Wireless Controller and....that's it! So why is the Elite price still so expensive? Exactly there is no reason for it to be. Microsoft needs to price cut it's SKU's ASAP.

315.6.2008 1:32

With what the 40gb PS3 offers for $399 an Xbox Elite shouldnt be more than $300 max. Guess maybe thats why Xbox360 sales are less than PS3 recently because some people are seeing whats worth their money. In comparison, we all know that the PS3 gives more bang for your buck. Im sure to the many that wants an Xbox360, this is definately good news. Everybody likes a price cut =)

415.6.2008 7:09

It's called worth.

What is hurting console sales???


Here are the two top items that are hurting sales.

1. Installation of games before playing all three company's have this issue especially sony who stated there console would be the fastest and with the best graphics where in turn most ps3 owners are left with a bad taste in there mouth when they have to install 8.6 gig files in order for the game to load properly then they have to wait 5 minutes at a time for the game to load cutscenes and levels.

Nintendo's big issue is they decided to go with flash memory and only 512 megs of flash memory and when most of the channels are 102 blocks to 222 blocks for a web browser and 226 blocks for a update and a additional 120 blocks for a save file you start running out of space right out of the box nintendo need's a hard drive or a mini hard drive that plugs into the sd card slot on the front of the console to fix there memory issues.

Microsoft's problem huge downloads movie rental issues expensive console expensive hard drive upgrade expensive controllers expensive battery packs money seems to be what microsoft is after with the xbox 360 i would be glad to upgrade my xbox 360 hard drive to 100 gig's or better if the price tag was the same as the 20gig it is quite funny i have to spend 179.99 for a new hard drive when the hard drive that is in the unit is only 100.00 from my local computer store so why should i have to spend 80.00 more for the drive there movie rental service sucks most movie rental stores give you five days microsoft gives you 24 hours and charges 9.99 for a rental wow what a lame idea.

2. 3rd party accessories.

companys like nintendo and microsoft and sony are using rigged chipsets to control the market of wireless controllers for there console which sucks i would rather have a third party wireless controller for less but do to these rigged chipsets no one can produce one thanks to nintendo microsoft and sony for nothing.

515.6.2008 10:14

the 3 consoles need extra stuff,it's up to u on how many stuff u'll end up buying, it can go from an extra controller to a 320gb hd. There should be only one version thought, if u can't get save 50 or 100 more and get it if u'r paying 350 i'm sure u can spend 450 instead. 360's without hd and wifi? ps3 with no ps2 game support and no card reader? hdmi and no hdmi versions? The wii is just an overpriced console for kids(most kids cartoons games come out on this console) for me all this it's nonsense

615.6.2008 15:41

The global economy has just fallen off a cliff...price cuts are inevitable, its gonna be a struggle for companies producing 'non essential' goods just to stay in business, imho...

715.6.2008 16:25

You know Microsoft, they are rooted in the computer upgrade cycle mindset where 5 years is an eternity. I don't expect an Xbox360 Blu-ray player. I expect a Xbox720 or Xbox3 or whatever you want to call it Blu-Ray player next fall and a modest $50 Xbox 360 price cut soon.

815.6.2008 17:56

MS has issues I wont touch a 360 untill premiums are 199 a pop and elites are 299...and that 120GB hDD is 80..... there price gouging sucks.....

915.6.2008 18:09

...and they still have RRoD problems. My local Game shop says they send back 4 or 5 a week and they say $soft haven't a clue how to put the problem right. One guy had three in 1 month...

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