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European nations get iPhone 3G details

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Jun 2008 15:22 User comments (2)

European nations get iPhone 3G details France's Orange, Belgium's Mobistar and Sweden's TeliaSonera have all now published details for their individual releases of the iPhone 3G
Orange has a couple different ways of obtaining the phone, will be selling the 8GB model for 149 with 2-year service and high-end options such as Origami, First and Jet. The 16GB model will cost 199 under that arrangement. For owners of the first generation iPhone, you can upgrade for discounted prices of 99 and 149, with a new two year contract of course. If you do not want the higher end options, then the phone will cost 199 for the 8GB, and 249 for the 16GB with the lowest data plan.

In Sweden, TeliaSonera there will be three different options for iPhone plans, dubbed iMini, iMidi and iMaxi options. iMini hardly seems viable as you will only recieve 100 minutes of talk time, 100 SMS messages and 100MB of data per month. iMidi makes each 250 each, while iMaxi moves it to 1000/1GB.

Mobistar only announced that they will have full details available July 4th but that they will have multiple options as well.

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2 user comments

128.6.2008 15:32

this SUCKS ..damn orange..they ship this thing to 70 countries including a small insignificant country (lichtenstein) that have 35,000 people in it..and they ship it to france with the service provider Orange but here in israel ,a country with 7 million people and the same service provider they dont ship it..F U apple and all your merchandise..unless you truly care about the memory capacity i suggest you check this phone out :

it can only store up to 2 Gb but apart from that its an exact clone of the iphone i belive (dont flame me for it just trying to help those that dont want the whole service plan mess)

230.6.2008 6:29

You shouldn't have to pay for it if you are connecting with a plan.

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