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First annual P2P conference announced

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2008 19:07 User comments (4)

First annual P2P conference announced And organization called the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) will be holding the P2P Media Summit Silicon Valley in San Jose on August 4th. The inaugural conference will be a forum for the various P2P software providers, content owners, ISPs, and other members of the DCIA to discuss everything from technology to business models.
"We are thrilled to be able to present a program devoted to the latest technological innovations and newest business models being introduced in the rapidly emerging P2P marketplace," said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty in making the announcement.

Despite the demonization of file sharing among major content owners from movie studios and record labels to software developers, in recent years many have come to believe that the decentralized distribution model offered by P2P technology is the future for delivering content. Conferences like this one are important in order for the various elements to work together on ways to make it work in a way that's profitable for everyone and still useful to consumers.

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4 user comments

19.7.2008 22:49

My TV is called a computer :P
wrong thread *L*

hang on witring out a post for here...

Data is something that should be easily traded for the betterment of all, strictly for profit mentalities stagnate and corrupt empires.

We need to protect both sharing and profits.

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210.7.2008 0:11

A-Men on that Zippy

310.7.2008 11:51

As soon as you walk in the conference they push you up against the wall. Its a Sting! Then the members from the MPAA will lock you in a room and make you watch crappy hollywood movies (gigli) over and over again with your eyelids propped open, clockwork orange style.

410.7.2008 12:56

what is need is a separation of fees and fines

So you download a couple MP3s big honking deal if they catch you they can fine you up to 5 a song,10 a dvd 20 a game thats younger than 2 years(otherwise its 10$) and then they give you the recite for them.
However they can not break the law or have others break the law for them to hack and spy on others.

Illicit profit
This is where they should take the gloves of and off and treat real pirates like drug dealers(as far as fines and property confiscation are concerned)

Corporate infringement
When a company is found to infringe they should be hit with fines double total lost court and lawyer fees and if they willfully do it for profit then tey should pay the government and the infringer the total worth of the CP/IP/patent they tried to steal this right here will moderate the patent system alone.

I really like the 2 year CP concept(more like a nuclear fair use clause) I been working on, after 2 years and its out of publication and old versions of media as well are free to share in strictly non profit situations, the CP owners offset this by keeping stuff in publication longer and try harder to repackage media as well as focus on new talents since anything older than 5 years is practically free to trade now.

But like with cooking(cookies,pizza,cakes) consumers are hellbent on convinuace at any price thus whatever damaged now to the retail industry will be heavily moderated by the fact sheeple are lazy.

Now because this makes it easy for the public to gain access to free information CP can last forever its just a contract of sale from owner to buyer they can limit the time of a CP being being CP'd and move it to creative commons after 20-50 years or what not or say its a permentate deal until its sold again, the business side of CP will be infanate however they must keep it i publication to gain full protection for it.

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