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iPhone 3G cracked already?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jul 2008 13:50 User comments (14)

iPhone 3G cracked already? According to the official blog over at, the developers there have already jailbroken the Apple iPhone 3G using their own software.
The software is not yet available to the public, but it is expected within a week. We will keep you updated with any developments, but for now, here is a video from the iPhone Dev team.

World's 1st Jailbroken 3G Phone from iphonedev on Vimeo.

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14 user comments

116.7.2008 14:33

Interesting and when I played that video Firefox 3 about crashed. :P

216.7.2008 14:54


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316.7.2008 14:55


416.7.2008 15:01

mine also almost crashed, so does this mean I will be able to run 3rd party apps? assuming that this is not a fake?

516.7.2008 15:34

its not fake. you would be able to install 3rd party apps and such and can install apps from the app store in the 2.0 firmware. just go to pretty much any iphone modding forum. or

616.7.2008 15:42

That didn't take long now, did it?


716.7.2008 15:53

i suspected that this would happen. Its just a matter of time now where more technological toys come out, will be cracked within a matter of days.

816.7.2008 16:00

lmao... firefox 2 almost crashed... i had to sign in just to post this.. crappy video.. bring back utube..

916.7.2008 16:31

this is old news but please remember it is in apples best intrest right now if the phone get unlocked because it is in a 5 to 10 year contract with cingular that is now att it can not sell the phone through any other mobile phone company in the us
it is att that is making apple place a lock on the phone because it can work on any other mobile companies service and that means people will use the phone on a service currently have or on without getting a new plan just look to other countries they have a laws that say they can not sell a cell phone tied to any service or plane so they are selling it unlocked its just a matter of time untill some one uploades the unlocked firmware to the net and that will mean apple will sell more phones ..... in the us

1016.7.2008 19:58

My ms pc didnt like the vid either Ie7

Love to see at&t take a hit

1116.7.2008 21:00

Originally posted by 7thsinger:
That didn't take long now, did it?


That's what I was gonna say.

"Sony Rocks !"

1217.7.2008 4:08

Originally posted by 7thsinger:
That didn't take long now, did it?


That's what I was gonna say.
lol me too :P btw anyone remember which country said it will sell the phone unlocked? i wanna know where to book a ticket next holiday :P think it was belgium

1317.7.2008 17:18

What are the advantages to having the iPhone cracked now? Not trying to flame. Just wondering what will be done now.

1419.7.2008 16:09

@21Q: dragnandy already explained what it means. In short it means you can run whatever YOU want to run, not just what Apple wants you to be able to run. Homebrew, cracked apps/games, whatever...

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