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PSP leads the way in Japanese hardware sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Jul 2008 12:07 User comments (5)

PSP leads the way in Japanese hardware sales Sony Japan saw sales of the PlayStation Portable explode for the week ended July 20th, with the surge likely attributed to the release of the Metallic Blue edition and the release of a "1 Seg" tuner pack.
According to data from Media Create, Sony sold 74,000 of the handheld in the region, up almost 20,000 units week-on-week.

For those unfamiliar, the "1 Seg" tuner is a "special type of terrestrial digital broadcasts that are specifically aimed at mobile devices such as the PSP."

For the week, the Nintendo DS Lite came in second with over 54,000 unit sale and the Wii came in third with 41,000 sales.

PlayStation 3 sales dipped a bit and Xbox 360 sales surged a bit, but nothing to serious.

The full chart:

* 1. PlayStation Portable (74,024)
* 2. Nintendo DS (54,531)
* 3. Nintendo Wii (40,803)
* 4. PlayStation 3 (11,253)
* 5. PlayStation 2 (9535)
* 6. Xbox 360 (4208)

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5 user comments

125.7.2008 14:49

no suprise ther..

225.7.2008 16:02

Truly, could it be any other way?

325.7.2008 21:49

Now, all thats needed is for Sony and Nintendo to start making a rainbow of PS3 and WII's and they will see a good surge of sales. And a white ps3 will surely match my wii or a black wii will match my 60gb ps3,or maybe a set of silver wii and ps3, which one will come out first, I wonder. :)

427.7.2008 2:02

This surge of PSP sales will only continue until Sony changes the PSPs hardware parameters that currently permits the user to boot into service mode. We got to face the facts, these numbers only exist because people can flash custom firmware, period. The Xbox 1 had a surge of sales near the end of its time-span due to the same reason. Even though the 360 had a shelf life of about a year. When it was announced that it was going to discontinued, people started buying them quickly, I was one of them. If any changes are made to the hardware, sales will plummet guaranteed.

528.7.2008 14:09

it to late for that there is already a sea of hacked psp once there is hacked psps we can hack anything they throw at us period

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