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BitTorrent video streaming hits EZTV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Jul 2008 14:06 User comments (4)

BitTorrent video streaming hits EZTV Over the last year the consortium P2P Next has set out to develop a new bandwidth efficient video streaming BitTorrent client, mainly by utilizing the Tribler file-sharing technology.
P2P Next consists of 21 broadcasting, technology, and academic partners, and was even given a $21 million grant from the EU earlier in the year. Last week, the public beta release of SwarmPlayer, "an open source, cross platform BitTorrent application adapted to the live streaming technology" showed the culmination of P2P Next's work.

Pushing ahead with the technology is the TV show torrent indexer EZTV which has announced it has incorporated the technology into their indexer.

"EZTV has introduced BitTorrent Video Streaming!,"
a news statement reads. "Instead of having to wait for an entire TV Show to download fully before you can watch it, it is now possible to use BitTorrent to watch a TV Show as it downloads!"

"This has been made possible with the use of new breakthrough technology in the form of a modification to the client-side BitTorrent protocol. This protocol modification has been implemented in a new program called SwarmPlayer in conjunction with a new .tstream format."

Looks good.

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4 user comments

126.7.2008 21:51

sounds pretty cool
--what's comcast gonna do now?

227.7.2008 0:41

The japanese put someone in jail over a cartoon, what will the usa do to people who watch streaming episodes of popular tv shows? People have to search a couple places for the shows missed from the week. Attempting to watch the shows from the actual sites takes too long and the video stops more than customers can take.

328.7.2008 10:49

its going to steam video.. bittorrent style.. in fragments.. but in an order that goes from begining to end.. not all mixed up like bittorrent so you can watch it as it comes in.

429.7.2008 0:28

This sounds fantastic! I've wondered if there were a technology being developed that would allow this, specifically a few days ago, while I was waiting for a longer 44 minute episode to download. I can't wait for this to be implemented! :)

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