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IFPI unapologetic after improper DMCA takedown

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 29 Jul 2008 5:23 User comments (7)

IFPI unapologetic after improper DMCA takedown

Last week a blogger received a DMCA takedown request from the IFPI telling him to remove some music from his website. The IFPI, which does in fact represent the label that distributes the song in question, claimed that the website somuchsilence didn't have permission to use the songs.
It turned out that the real problem was the IFPI didn't bother to find out whether the music had been licensed or not. They sent the letter based on an assumption.

In fact they put so much effort into the whole affair that they managed to list a different song than the one they were complaining about. From a completely different band even.

Eventually the matter was cleared up and the IFPI sent what could only be described as an apology in the loosest sense of the word. Here's the text of the letter.

"IFPI was contacted by a member of the label who confirmed you were given permission to post the file on your site.

We were unaware of this agreement but now that it has been notified to us please feel free to upload the file.

Due to the volume of infringing content we find online there will be instances where legitimate files are picked up as infringing. We hope this matter shows that once we have the correct information we do not want to stop the promotion of music online."

In other words the IFPI has decided to appoint themselves as a clearinghouse of copyright licensing, and if you want to license music from labels they represent you'd better be prepared to prove it to them.

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7 user comments

129.7.2008 18:08

Interesting tactic:

Blame the masses for unauthorized usage and then "apologize" for blaming people for authorized use.

Sounds like basic bully tactics 101 to me.

I find it funny that this "apology" never shows any regret on IFPI part but then also pulls a power move by stating this blogger can "feel free to upload the file" and then tries to justify their actions.

Wow. What is this world coming to? Seriously.

229.7.2008 18:10

IFPI, unrepentant jerks !

329.7.2008 18:21

I hope the blogger pulls the song now out of spite, and finds some acts who aren't (apparently) represented by this bunch of arrogant a$$hats to promote.. and demanding a refund of licence fees from the label would nicely round off the matter. The band loses the publicity, the label loses money and the blogger comes out with some kudos and smelling good now free from corporate lackey tarnish.

We are living in a mad world, which is getting more and more insane every day. They wonder how people can walk into a church and start blasting away? Look no further.. we live in a world where corporate greed and arrogance makes people feel threatened and weak.. give a threatened and paranoid man a gun and one day he will use it, though usually not on those where his actions would make a damn of difference.

429.7.2008 18:30

Originally posted by iluvendo:
IFPI, unrepentant jerks !
the ifp is the trade body names for the same fools as the riaa. the trade body name is only there to protect the studios name from bad press.

the riaa masters are:

* Sony BMG Music Entertainment
* Universal Music Group
* Warner Music Group
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530.7.2008 06:50

Ha, IFPI= "International Federation of Pirates Interests"

Good times!

630.7.2008 11:47

Nobody who abuses power is ever sorry until you make them sorry.
I can't believe how many people in this world don't get that.

731.7.2008 08:17

Originally posted by IFPI:
We were unaware of this agreement but now that it has been notified to us please feel free to upload the file.
Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that I needed the IFPI's permission to do what I want with my music.

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