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'iPhone Nano' coming from Apple?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Aug 2008 18:17 User comments (6)

'iPhone Nano' coming from Apple? The DailyMail has cited an “industry source” who claims that Apple is set to launch an 'iPhone Nano' in time for the holiday season.
The paper says "the product will be launched in the UK at up to £150 for pay-as-you-go customers by O2, the mobile phone group owned by Spain's Telefonica."

This rumor is not new, and is based mainly on the interpretation of a few of Apple's patent applications along with their lack of diversity in the mobile phone market. Analysts believe, if true, that the iPhone Nano will be a much smaller and thinner iPhone with limited features and will be aimed at more casual users as well as business users who simply want a more compact phone.

The lower price point should also be attractive to users who were on the fence about buying an iPhone and were turned off by the price.

This however is still a rumor, and Apple is not in the business of commenting on rumors. We will keep you updated.

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6 user comments

15.8.2008 19:28

the misses will want 1 of them for XMAS lol

25.8.2008 19:30

I Don't buy this...

The main reason At&t make more money off of the g3 iphone then a pay as you go phone and i severely doupt that they will give that up..

35.8.2008 22:05

£150 for pay-as-you-go customers by O2
Sounds tempting, but i cant see this being true, personally i think theyl make it more than that for pay as you go.

48.8.2008 3:28

I want go buy one.It is good

58.8.2008 10:02

better save up now so I can pre-order and flip them all on eBay for $1000 each.

610.7.2010 11:30
Unverified new user

there is no cool features in Iphone. Iphone software sucks cant do anything with it!! And everything opens a new program, Horrible way to make phone apps.

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