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The Pirate Bay blocked in Italy

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2008 14:55 User comments (4)

The Pirate Bay blocked in Italy Originally posted by Peter Sunde in the official The Pirate Bay blog, it appears that the infamous torrent tracker has been blocked in Italy.
Giancarlo Mancusi, a prosecutor friend of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi ordered the shut down of the domain name as well as the site's IP. TPB believes the shutdown has everything to do with the fact that Berlusconi is the most powerful man in the Italian media industry, an industry where many of the Prime Minister's companies compete directly with TPB.

Despite the Italian decision, the admins over at TPB have enacted a few countermeasures. According to Sunde, "We have already changed IP for the website - that makes it work for half the ISPs again. And we want you all to inform your italian friends to switch their DNS to OpenDNS so they can bypass their ISPs filters. This will also let them bypass the other filters installed by the Italian government, as a bonus. And for the meanwhile - [link] works (La Baia means The Bay in Italian)."

This is not the first time a European nation has blocked access to The Pirate Bay. In February, Danish ISP "Tele2" tried but the decision is currently under appeal.

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4 user comments

110.8.2008 17:59

hmm piracy is here for the better part o the century..get used to it because you cannot stop us by opression attempts

211.8.2008 4:01

This is funny..

You block them and they find ways around your blocks you block the ip they will just find another you want people to purchase stuff in your country get off your cans and make it cheaper.

311.8.2008 5:01

No doubt the same Silvio Berlusconi who was implicated in the Mafia trials of the late 70's.. the bay should give him a cut of the advertising revenues.. that would shut him up pretty quickly.

411.8.2008 14:07

Well that block didn't work very long :p

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