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60 million iPhone apps downloaded already

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Aug 2008 14:44 User comments (5)

60 million iPhone apps downloaded already Apple CEO Steve Jobs has revealed some stats on how successful the iPhone App Store is, one month after launch, and the numbers are pretty impressive.
There have been 60 million apps downloaded already, with a good number being free applications. However, the paid apps aren't doing too poorly, bringing $30 million in revenue for the one month period.

Although Jobs did not say how many of the downloads were paid downloads, it is safe to assume that the majority of the downloads were for free apps. Most of the apps range from .99 to 9.99 USD and we do know that Sega's $9.99 Super Monkey Ball sold 300,000 copies, 10 percent of all iPhone app sales.

A few of the other stats:

First Thirty Days: iPhone App Stats
Total Downloads: 60 Million
Total Revenues: $30 Million
Sales Going To App Developers: $21 Million
Sales Going To Top Ten Apps: $9 Million
Sales of Sega's Super Monkey Ball: $3 Million

The bigger question however, is whether the revenue and downloads will continue at such a pace. Sure it was fun to download as many apps as possible when the store just opened, but I find now that many are not useful and sit unused. I for one, am still waiting on a good IM client and a better video player that doesn't only need MP4 (VLC anyone?).

We are still waiting on all the "killer" apps you promosed Steve Jobs.

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5 user comments

112.8.2008 15:02

I would say this will not last long.

212.8.2008 17:23

The bigger question however, is whether the revenue and downloads will continue at such a pace.
Good question indeed.

I too think it will slow down at a reasonable pace.

312.8.2008 18:24

Originally posted by OneMember:
I would say this will not last long.
I am not sure. You have to think like the masses. Most people aren't the brightest in general and when it comes to electronics and computer technology, they are as stupid as can be.

People flock to the iphone and ipod because it is the namebrand. They do not care about price, quality, or services, only the name. So I would not be surprised to see all the people who forked up the money for it buying even more apps.

412.8.2008 22:42

iphone, expensive.

Dataplan Expensive

I spend my money on my other hobbies.

Verizon Phone Family plan, no data plan, unlimited text message for kids. EVDO Dial up networking for me, with some know how, it uses plan miniutes.

Data Plans are for suckers!

514.8.2008 13:46

I don't think that this will last long either. A whole lot of the pay apps have been cracked and put online or cloned and put on cydia. So people with a little computer know how can get all of this for free somehow.

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