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Restraining order on RealDVD stays in place

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Oct 2008 11:13 User comments (3)

Restraining order on RealDVD stays in place Two days ago we reported that Real's new legal DVD ripper, RealDVD, was temporarily not available, but it appears now that the restraining order on the software will not be lifted until the district judge that placed it "learns from experts, including the court's, how the software functions."
RealNetworks claims that the software "allows consumers to securely store, manage and play their DVDs on their computers" and "does not enable users to distribute copies of their DVDs." It also mentions that RealDVD adds another layer of DRM to the ripped movies which makes it much harder to move to films off the computer that has the program installed.

The software will not reappear on Real's site or in stores until at least late November, which is the next time U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel will have a hearing.

"I am extending the temporary restraining order because I'm not satisfied in the fact that this technology is not in violation,"
Patel added. "There are serious questions about copyright violations. There are questions about violations of the (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and violations of these companies' agreement."

Since the launch of RealDVD on September 30th, nothing has gone the way RealNetwork's had hoped. First, the company preemptively sued the Hollywood studios to have a court rule that the software was completely legal.

Hours later, the MPAA countersued and obtained the restraining order on the software.

Let us see where it goes from here.

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3 user comments

18.10.2008 11:46

mpaa means monopoly

28.10.2008 13:54

they are morons. If they would offer people a legal way of doing something, guess what? Many would do it.

Instead, they crack down on anyone and that only leaves open piracy.

39.10.2008 9:20

Good thing I use DVDFab.

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