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Flash coming to Windows Mobile, Android

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Nov 2008 20:54 User comments (7)

Flash coming to Windows Mobile, Android At the Adobe MAX developer’s conference yesterday, Adobe showed off their latest Flash player, one that works on both Windows Mobile phones as well as the new Android-based phone, the T-Mobile G1.
“We are excited to be working alongside Adobe to bring Flash technology to Android,” said Andy Rubin, director of mobile platforms at Google. “Adobe Flash is crucial to a rich Internet and content experience on mobile devices and we are thrilled that Google will be one of the first companies along with the Open Handset Alliance to bring Flash technology to the smartphone market.”

Notably absent from the presentation was the popular Apple smartphone, the iPhone. Although Adobe has said they have a Flash player that will work on the iPhone OS, Apple's strict TOS will not allow it into the App Store. I mean, why would Apple let consumers play free Flash based games or watch movies from sites like Hulu when they can instead be locked into iTunes, the App Store and other Apple run platforms?

Adobe notes that 98 percent of computers have Flash installed, and it is becoming crucial to have it to enjoy the Internet. That is of course, unless you own an iPhone.

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7 user comments

118.11.2008 23:04

does this finally mean an update to flash on the psp as well?
one can only hope.

219.11.2008 0:21

long from it my friend

319.11.2008 9:26

Finally. I have a WM phone and not having Flash is like the kiss of death for viewing most internet content these days.

519.11.2008 13:46

Where's the link? How do I get this?
Damn, I've been beating my head trying to get actual Flash for my WM phone.
Is this a Windows update?
Do I browse to
Anyone have any info on this?

Ok, I just read that linked article and they don't mention anything about FULL Flash for WM devices. They DO mention the absolutely TERRIBLE Flash Lite!
This is driving me crazy. It's the only thing missing on my phone. Because I don't own an I-puke phone or one of the newest Google Android (resistance is futile) or a full Pocket PC then I'm just SOL for Flash, which is half the freaking web...

Where can I download a FULL Flash player/addon for my Windows Mobile (non-Pocket PC) phone???

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Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

620.11.2008 6:49

haha! my friend has been sayin to me that even tho my WM htc touch diamond is "nice" iphone is riiight its better sleeping with apple all day all night long with chains strapping you the the bedposts! haha this makes me feel even happier for not buying that crappy trend phone

722.11.2008 15:28

Ha that will be Apples downfall!

Windows Mobile always had Flash to download. Its just that its Flash player 7 and its crappy, cant play half the things online. But it was better than nothing I suppose. I was wondering why they never ever made a newer version since they made that flash player 7 for WM.

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