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Blu-ray DVR coming from Mitsubishi

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Dec 2008 22:15 User comments (3)

Blu-ray DVR coming from Mitsubishi Mitsubishi has released a new Blu-ray DVR, dubbed the DVR-BF2000 that comes with a 500GB HDD and the simple ability to burn Blu-ray discs.
User can also record two program simultaneously, one to disc and one to the HDD. Users can also record one program while watching another, thanks to the dual digital tuners set to support Japan's BS/110CS digital and analog broadcast systems.

AVC recording and DVD writing is supported as well. Making the DVR even more special is the fact that you can cut commercials out of recordings automatically and watch video and photos from an SD card.

The DVR is only available in Japan for now, priced at $1940 USD and there was no word on whether it would hit EU or NA anytime soon.

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3 user comments

16.12.2008 17:33

Who the hell is actually gonna buy this? This will easily be overlooked by the average techy.

26.12.2008 18:50

Originally posted by fgamer:
Who the hell is actually gonna buy this? This will easily be overlooked by the average techy.

So true !

38.12.2008 15:10

Prices of blue ray discs will drop and so will the machine. Word to the wise if you want to be able to copy protected content you should buy this NOW. The first gen versions almost always doesn't have any Macrovision inside the machine just as some of the first DvD recorders didn't. I had a LiteOn stand alone DvD recorder that recorded anything you threw at it copy protected or not. Some of the DvD's I had trouble copying with the computer and DvDFab would copy very nicely using a second DvD player. Yup if I had the $$ id buy it today and laugh as I could copy any copy protected Blue Ray disc. After about 3 weeks the copy protection is put in. Content owners figure most people won't buy the device, but trust me if I still lived with my parents Today I'd have already used my credit card and bought it or payed someone to smuggle it into the US.

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