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Private tracker busts user for selling invites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Dec 2008 14:49 User comments (10)

Private tracker busts user for selling invites According to a post, the private music tracker has banned one of their "power users" after it was found that he was selling invites on the auction site eBay.
From the post, "Thanks to a cooperative effort with staff at, weve busted one of our own well-known members for selling invites on eBay. towelie, aka shad0w on, eBay username sueles810 has been banned, along with all of his invitees."

Staff from both sites have long said they are scouring the Internet for users trying to profit off the site, and this member made it pretty obvious. All staff had to do was purchase the invite from the eBay auction and then see what nickname had invited them after they joined.

There is no word on whether it was all of the user's "direct" invitees there were banned or everyone in his invite tree but chances are everyone was, unfortunately.

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10 user comments

18.12.2008 14:56

What's this about? What's an "invite"?

28.12.2008 15:09

Originally posted by wiseguy0:
What's this about? What's an "invite"?
Lol im not sure if you are being sarcastic or not but ill answer anyways :P

On most private torrent trackers, power users, or other higher levels, are given "invites" to give to anyone they want. They need invites to get new users to the site, as registration is closed. This guy was selling those invites.

38.12.2008 15:14

Lol. I too am wondering if you're are simply pulling our proverbial legs.

EDIT: imagine how pist off those people are who paid for their invites only to be banned in the end.

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48.12.2008 15:20

anyone with any knowledge about private trackers knows buying invites is never an option...

58.12.2008 17:30

there's another ebay sale for this invite. lol

68.12.2008 20:32

who cares?

78.12.2008 20:38

Ha ha....I was actually serious, so thanks for the info!

88.12.2008 21:26

Originally posted by hikaricor:
who cares?
well it seems you care since you responded to this thread.

99.12.2008 15:33

Pirates ripping each other off??? How could THAT happen??? Ha! Ha!

What's this about? What's an "invite"?
Restricted membership helps to keep out the leechers and cheaters. And, maybe it makes things a bit harder for the RIAA,the MPAA, and the legal authorities.

1017.12.2008 4:06

I can't believe that some people are willing to buy such stuff on eBay. They must be very desperate or so

And i hope that sueles got a lot of money out of it, it's their own fault for being stupid enough.

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