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Amazon starts new 50 percent off Blu-ray promotion

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2008 15:57 User comments (8)

Amazon starts new 50 percent off Blu-ray promotion Amazon has started a new Blu-ray promotion today, offering 50 percent off MSRP on 20 titles.
A few of the notable deals are the Rambo 1-3 Boxset for $25 USD and few other films for $9.99 USD or $10.29.

The deal is running concurrently with Amazon's current B2G1 (buy 2 get 1 free) deal.

For those interested the deal can be found here:
Amazon 50 percent off Blu-ray promotion

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8 user comments

114.12.2008 16:57

Are the movies they are offering on the B2G1 deal any better ? Does any one have a link to that offer ?

215.12.2008 13:38

If the rambo box set is out why is there not 4 in the box set because the new rambo is year old january and been on dvd so they had plenty of time.

315.12.2008 15:12

I don't know, maybe the new Rambo has different distribution rights or something. It was a really good movie though, I think it was my favorite Rambo yet... I will be getting them all on Blu-ray.

415.12.2008 16:55

I'm glad someones doing good in a recession.

I agree the last one was my favorite because it was bloody as hell and I didn't think stallone had it in him after all those pussy movies his done but I guess he did.

It is too live life too the fullest then never lived at all.

516.12.2008 10:14

coz more than half of these movies are single layered disc
(not to let you guys down)

guys, i bought the movies for 4.99(used)
i got these and happy no scartches/no nicks/bubbles perfectly good
total recall
bank job
die hard

616.12.2008 11:55

spam edited by ddp

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716.12.2008 11:59

spam - reported

818.12.2008 4:50

When the players become $100 or under, I'm in.

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