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Mixtape sites dropping one after another

Written by Matti Robinson @ 19 Dec 2008 4:22 User comments (5)

Mixtape sites dropping one after another Mixtape sites where you can share your music playlists are closing on extinction. RIAA drove Muxtape off in September and now the pressure from the lobbyists has made another mashup, Mixwit, to call it a day.
Mixwit was never sued by RIAA but it was just a matter of time. The service took the songs from the MP3 search engine Seeqpod, which would've led them into trouble with RIAA eventually.

Mixwit founder Michael Christoff was interviewed by TechCrunch, "we thought about continuing with mixwit as a company, but we could never get assurance that the future of mixwit would not be hurt by the perceived liabilities of its past so we decided it was time to to shut things down."

There are a few mixtape sites still keep on rockin', for example Mixaloo and Mixtube. Let us also hope that the upcoming music startups that consumers so much love won't be haunted by the industry.

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5 user comments

119.12.2008 15:01

greedy bastard RIAA

220.12.2008 05:00


There new slogon.

The RIAA Where we s$%^ are customers on a daily bases.

323.12.2008 12:08

Booo once again the RIAA are being a bunch of whores, and they know the world hates them too!!!

423.12.2008 19:25

Merry Xmas to everyone. Except RIAA, who can go to hell.

523.12.2008 20:32

Originally posted by avoidz:
Merry Xmas to everyone. Except RIAA, who can go to hell.

Oh yeah; Merry Christmas everyone!

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