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Joost giving up P2P

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 18 Dec 2008 5:49 User comments (4)

Joost giving up P2P P2P video service Joost has decided to shift away from P2P and head towards Flash. The company will give up their efforts developing the P2P client that has so far defined Joost.
Joost, which was considered one of the most innovative start-ups in early 2007 when the beta was released, has gone through some hard times lately. Ultimately the P2P client, with its obvious benefits, had more flaws than expected. Without the ability to link to specific videos or embed them on to your own website it became obsolete.

In last September Joost launched the Flash site, which gave users the option to select between Flash and P2P. Now there's no choice to be made. The only platform that will apparently have an own Joost client is iPhone.

Moving to Flash not only means fierce competions with tons of other online video sites, but a much larger bandwidth bill for Joost. P2P streaming was a clever idea, unfortunately it didn't succeed - at least not in this case.

With no major proprietary content, unlike Hulu with NBC/FOX and with CBS, Joost will have even harder times ahead. And you don't need to be an industry analyst to predict that if they don't come up with something exclusive the story of Joost could be over.

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4 user comments

118.12.2008 8:38

yet another badly markeded thing that was a good product. They got all kinds of good sponsors, but forgot to get good content. Did they thought that ppl wanted to watch commercials?

218.12.2008 8:38


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320.12.2008 0:07

p2p is uncontrollable and with how CP works and or how things are licensed imposable to properly share profits.

For online distro you need a contract based on shareing a percentage of profit with the rights holder and most importantly be able to self price the the stuff you are distributing to create a real free market the rights holders wont care since they are getting a cut.

420.12.2008 22:17

joost needs to just give up period. they have a ton of media, 95% of which sucks ass. On top of that its really hard to navigate.

use fancast, or hulu. they are far superior

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