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Fake iPhone Nanos hit Thailand

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Dec 2008 21:29 User comments (7)

Fake iPhone Nanos hit Thailand According to Apple Insider, knockoff iPhone Nanos have surfaced in stores around Thailand, all fitting the description of the rumored Nano which has yet to be confirmed by Apple or any manufacturer.
Many of the devices even include the official Apple logo and iPhone labeling and branding, making some of the fakes very hard to spot.

The OS of the phone also mimics that of official iPhones down to the icons and wallpapers.

A few pictures from the source:

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7 user comments

127.12.2008 21:44

It seems pretty cool. And for a knock off the quality is very convincing. Until you find out it has no phone capabilities lol. Though as an official product I can't see the reasoning.

228.12.2008 2:52

who says the phone wont work? most well made knock offs are decent phones, just generic

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328.12.2008 11:59

that was fast

429.12.2008 8:05

I really don't' mind the quality. I have a you tube channel, dedicated to helping people who know nothing about Chinese electronics. The way they are used is a little different, and movie encoding isn't as easy. Sure it doesn't have all the bells and whistles the real one does, but it plays vids, plays mp3s, plays ebooks, and had a radio. So what your really getting as a basic MP3 player with the looks of an apple. More of a fashion statement than anything I think.

56.1.2009 15:50

Reminds me of the homeless guy with the gold plated shopping's more important how it looks than the substance in today's society.

Not knocking this knockoff as it sounds like it has decent functionality...more a comment about iDevices being fashion statements and our society's priorities.

66.1.2009 17:23

apple quality and functionality? they make pretty toys for morons

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78.1.2009 7:08

Would be interested in finding out what the internals are and if the functionality actually works, but wont be suprised if some dont work

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