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9 -inch screen iPod Touch coming?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Dec 2008 16:24 User comments (19)

9 -inch screen iPod Touch coming? According to Tech Crunch, three independent sources "close to Apple" have confirmed that a large screen, (7 or 9 inch) iPod Touch will be released in the fall of 2009.
The "sources" have seen the prototypes and Apple is currently in talks with OEMs in Asia over mass production.

One of the sources says Apple has been experimenting with large form media devices for at least a year but concerns were that it would not sell well. Now however, with the App Store in full swing and iTunes selling movies at a fast clip, a large screen media device should sell well, especially branded by Apple.

There was no word on pricing but expect it to be around $500 USD at launch, if this rumor is true.

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19 user comments

131.12.2008 17:25

ipod touches are already really expensive, wonder who's gonna buy that.

231.12.2008 17:25

That's good news for people who want to upgrade their ipod touch or want a new one. What I don't like it that they are always coming out with a new product every year and it can be costly to the consumers. Since I just got mine this year, I don't think I want to buy another ipod touch unless they do a trade in, that would be nice.

331.12.2008 21:08

An iPod Touch that big would be awesome, specially for someone looking for a "laptop/netbook-replacement"...Obviously a netbook has tons of features similar to a laptop...but an iPod Touch goes online, plays music, videos and photos, you have a nasty array of features out of the box not to mention the tons of tons of apps they'd be cool to see an iPod that big...although I believe battery will be an issue, just like all of their "firsts". My first iPod Video (30GB) had a faulty battery, and so did the next 2 replacements I got...I finally got a decent battery time, when I upgraded to a 5.5G (80GB) and after that I got a 160GB Classic, with which I'll stay...:-). No matter what people say about it, for me it has been great!

431.12.2008 21:11

Really? wow i kinda maybe. I just have one question probably not gonna make a difference but is it 9 inches height? or Width? or is it Diagonal?

531.12.2008 22:42

Have fun fitting that into your pocket.

61.1.2009 2:44

Originally posted by narmo:
ipod touches are already really expensive, wonder who's gonna buy that.

it'll sell because it is Apple.

If anyone else released something along these lines (like archos) it wouldnt do well.

71.1.2009 3:22

i, really glad apple isnt such a big tycoon where i live..no1 buys anythin..well seldom some people buy ipods but since reguler mp4 are pretty common now adays then its become even rarer

81.1.2009 4:04

Originally posted by mike.m:
Have fun fitting that into your pocket.

I was wondering the same thing (or a purse)


Life is Grand !

91.1.2009 8:12

Well I already have mp4/mpx player, with 3" wide-screen and it works just perfect, and fast just like any other "real" mp3 players, and I dont have any problems with it, so why I should buy ipod than "hong-kong crap"?

Also good-luck fitting 9" ipod to your pocket

101.1.2009 11:16

Cool. This is very appealing to me.

Now we'll need a line of shirts with larger pockets to accommodate this monster.

112.1.2009 11:30

Originally posted by SSSJDanny:
I just have one question probably not gonna make a difference but is it 9 inches height? or Width? or is it Diagonal?
it would be width and diagonal

122.1.2009 19:21

9" would be from one corner of the screen to the other on the diagonal yes (as it is with all TVs)

I own a 8Gb Ipod Touch and although never being an Apple fan I got the unit at a very fair price & had been wanting an mp3 I had it. Not really ever regretted it , sure it has some flaws that we all know about such as putting tunes on through iTunes app etc (unless sorting that issue ;-)
Have 20meg connection and the iPod picks it up nicely at home, not really tried it out at starbucks or other free wifi spots. Videos look good in landscape mode but even better with an even wider screen of course, so if this rumour is true I'd maybe be interested.
$250 isn't such a bad price , as the iPod Touch 8gig started off in U.k as 199.99 on launch !

Off into town tomorrow and if I dont get the Blackberry Storm as an upgrade mobile phone, I will then go across the street and get the 8gig iPhone.
Some vids on YouTube showing comparisons , totally forgotten about Nokia n96 (sorry to my finnish friends lol)

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132.1.2009 19:23

Originally posted by bryston:
Originally posted by mike.m:
Have fun fitting that into your pocket.

I was wondering the same thing (or a purse)


Waaaaay too big for my purse (but not my backpack)!!!!!!!!

USC Trojans Rule Forever !!!

142.1.2009 19:41

I already have's called a Sony PSP.
Scary to think if Sony added a phone feature to the PSP the iphone would finally have some real competition

153.1.2009 17:57

Why is it that everytime I get an ipod, a better version of it comes out soon after; usually cheaper?

163.1.2009 18:32


176.1.2009 11:17

I bought my first IPOD 6 years ago; now I am on the fourth one - not because of upgrading but due to hard drive crashing. After I purchased the 4th - in the US, I have spent $1200 - I decided to never buy another one. No other electronic has so under produced. I still have only 4 gigs of music, etc on it. I purchased an Archos AV700 5 years ago and it holds everything too but with a 7 inch widescreen. I can record off tv as well as load movies that I own with no extra cost. I recently purchased the new Archos 7 and it is wifi and capable of surfing the web, reading email, in addition to all the other stuff. I will never go back. Also, all the purchases on ITunes will never play on any other unit except Ipod. That makes the cost way too high now and in the future.

186.1.2009 17:09

Haha interesting.. Half of my class just got the 2G iPod Touch for Christmas and they're all ecstatic. And knowing my school, they'll have this iPod come next Christmas... And I'm still sitting here with my 8GB 1G iPod Touch.

192.3.2011 16:15

still archos 7 rocks with wifi, mp3/4 and you can add more memory with a sd card.and you have opton of 250 gb is a rip off.

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