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MediaSentry dropped by RIAA?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Jan 2009 1:38 User comments (5)

MediaSentry dropped by RIAA? Following last week's decision that it would stop lawsuits, and instead pressure ISPs, the RIAA appears to be on the verge of cutting ties with MediaSentry, their unethical "investigative arm."
There is no cause for celebration here however, as the rumor has it that they will be replacing the "watchdog" company with a similar one, such as BayTSP.

Although unconfirmed by MediaSentry or the record industry, the decision to drop MediaSentry should help the trade group retain any integrity it has left. MediaSentry has been at the center of controversy for months now and has even been accused of investigating without a license, performing illegal searches and taps, and even destroying evidence.

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5 user comments

14.1.2009 2:30

To quote someone famous

"say it ain't so Joe"

24.1.2009 4:13


You get a takedown notice for saying that bryston!

34.1.2009 11:48

thats a dumb move by the riaa. MediaSentry could say well were out of a job anyway, so lets just hand over all info regarding the alleged file sharer's and the way we handled are investigations illiagly to make them guilty.

the government as it is would just turn its head and look the other way,leaving the RIAA to fend for itself.

44.1.2009 15:32

MediaSentry should commit one act of decency and release the tapes of the riaa thugs saying they want to sue those little girls in the hospital no matter the means necessary :P

56.1.2009 9:34

Hopium, the girl was not so little. Apparently, they got the wrong house. It was the father who opened an account at that house then left. He moved the account but the ISP gave them probably what the RIAA asked for, the address where the account was opened. The little girl in the hospital was just 'good news'. The artical was a good read. The RIAA was portraid as an evil, moronic, bumbling organization that had nothing better to do than go after persons that can not defend themselves. A lawyer is defending her pro bono. He may counter sue to make money on the deal. Everyone made out but the RIAA.

This is why the RIAA is phasing out the litigation. They have bad press, are going to get sued, the dad has probably dumped his computer so they can't get him. The press and the ISPs are working against them. They are not competent enough to play the litigation game.

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