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Blockbuster joins up with CinemaNow

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jan 2009 13:47 User comments (9)

Blockbuster joins up with CinemaNow Blockbuster has announced they will be teaming up with online movie service CinemaNow in an effort to deliver digital movies to Internet-connected TVs, Internet-enabled Blu-ray players and mobile phones in the future.
The agreement will allow Blockbuster to compete with its giant rival Netflix which has been adding its "Watch Instantly" streaming library to many providers including the Xbox 360 and Blu-ray players from LG and Samsung.

The new service is dubbed Blockbuster Powered by CinemaNow, and will debut on a number of devices during the Q3 of this year.

What this partnership is about is providing a branded entertainment option to get consumers their content into the boxes that surround them without having to get them to organize it themselves, Blockbuster senior VP of digital entertainment Kevin Lewis added.

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9 user comments

118.1.2009 15:05

blockbuster. what a joke.

218.1.2009 16:04

oh no a monopoly its netflix and walmart all over again lol.....ya blockbuster fell behind in this one but lets see where this goes or how long it will last....

318.1.2009 18:13

Too little to late...

Blockbuster is going to stagnate for a few years then go the way of the dinosaur. I tried their free month trial and it falls short in every category compared to netflix. The website itself feels unrefined, the search option won't find a movie if its off by one letter. Normally its not a problem, but there are some very long strange titles that are hard to remember.

418.1.2009 20:11

Blockbuster takes longer for delivery but kills Netflix with availability of new Blu Rays.

519.1.2009 8:57

Another foot in the grave for BB.

619.1.2009 9:19

Blockbuster had something going with their policy of receiving a free movie rental in-store when you hand in a movie sent by mail... then they started closing half their stores in my area. That policy made up for their movies taking one day longer than Netflix, then they dropped the ball.

720.1.2009 8:42

Didn;t the alst company to join with cinema now go up in flames?

BB has to change its prices and seek out consumers not push them away, if they do not change hard and fast they are dead.

822.1.2009 22:30

Just got an email from BB asking me to resubscribe. They're giving me another two week free trial and are offering 6 free previously viewed dvds ( a coupon for two free dvds per month for the first three months ). They still want me to pay $19.99/month, though...

925.1.2009 22:25

I got an email from Blockbuster to resubscribe for $10.00 a month for the first 3 months. Thought that was a good deal and resubscribed and then saw they had billed me $19.99 a month with the first 2 weeks free. I sent an email and didn't hear back from them so I canceled and then sent another email to them again and finally got an answer. They gave me the deal I was susposed to get so I signed back up and when I put movies in my list I found out about 75% were on a waiting list. If Netflicks gave a better deal I would go back to them. They always seem to have the tiles I want. Their service seems a little slow sometimes, which is one of the reason I quit them.

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