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PSP phone shot down by Sony

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jan 2009 15:04 User comments (4)

PSP phone shot down by Sony According to MobileToday, Sony Ericsson has been planning a PSP phone for some time but has been refused the use of the PlayStation brand, killing the phone off.
The brand was refused by Sony, after the handset maker presented a pitch to the board last year. Sources confide that the refusal has caused a fallout between Sony and Ericsson, threatening the mobile phone joint venture.

Sony did note that they intend to license a PlayStation brand phone, if and when the company makes phones independently, seemingly asking for the end of the joint venture.

A Sony Ericsson spokeswoman ‘could not comment on what Sony has or hasn’t said’. She also added: "In the past, we have been keen that our product proposition lives up to brand promise, and we feel at the moment the technical specs are not high enough to put such a prestigious brand on a phone."

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4 user comments

118.1.2009 17:10

Damn.... That would have been nice...

218.1.2009 19:40

there's always the 3rd party homebrew voip potential (might exist already)... oh wait... Sony already threw a hissy fit over that with the PSP3000.. my bad.

get an R4 for the NDS and do VoIP with home brew but QUICK as Nintendo just joined 54 other countries to shut down homebrew on the NDS, too.

I'm eagerly waiting for the DSi to get to America (already "hacked" in Japan I hear...)

318.1.2009 21:24

Dang. Having a psp phone woulda been so cool. Such a great multimedia device already. Wouldnt think it would be that hard to add phone capabilities. Sony needs to do just do it theirselves and do it quickly :P

419.1.2009 11:00

Im sure Sony is up to something but just doesnt want to say yet. They're aiming their PSP games towards digital downloading off Playstation Network so getting a game on a phone shouldnt be any different. And now Apple's iPhone is starting to get decent games with the next Metal Gear Solid game and possibly Bioshock as well. Im sure Sony wont pass this opportunity up and let iPhone be the best portable multimedia device.

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