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Digital TV transition officially delayed

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Jan 2009 22:30 User comments (6)

Digital TV transition officially delayed Just three days after it was decided a vote was necessary, the US Senate has voted unanimously to delay the upcoming mandatory transition from analog signals to digital signals.
The new transition date is set for June 12th, moving four months back from its original February 17th date. The proposal now moves to Congress and could be passed as soon as tomorrow morning.

President Obama backed the proposal fully, noting that America was still not ready for the transition and that a February transition date would cause more problems than it would solve.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the group in charge of coupons for converter boxes that allow analog signal users to receive digital broadcasts, says they have exceeded their $1.34 billion USD funding limit. 3 million Americans remain on waiting lists for the coupons.

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6 user comments

126.1.2009 23:34

I'm calling BS on the 3 million waiting list. I signed up for mine in December and just got it about a week ago!

227.1.2009 1:47

baaah! people will just wait another 4 months before they do anything! ok forget those damn coupons. Why should i pay for cable NOW when i can get it for free OTA? i will now wait another 4 months to pay for cable! & use my OTA now! I just dont get it!!!???...

327.1.2009 3:28

Well, aren't most of the stations already dual-broadcasting in digital now?

I for one can't wait to get my dang coupon so I can get some free channels that either come in 100% crystal clear or don't come in at all.

427.1.2009 8:32

This is crazy. People will just procrastinate longer. Most people won't actually DO anything until they signal they get now is GONE. I say TURN IT OFF and get the people moving. So what if they miss a few days, or a few weeks, or even a few months of TV until they get their converter and connect it. There's nothing on anyway.

527.1.2009 10:50

Apparently this is the most important issue for the Senate to deal with.

I really wonder where this silly country's priorities are. With too many people living below the poverty level, is spending over 1.3 BILLION dollars of my tax money on television really the moral thing to do?

Come on now Barack, do you really need to get involved in this fiasco? There HAS got to be more important issues on your plate . . .

627.1.2009 11:19

Even if it were 3m on the waiting list. How many of them already have a digital tv and are just getting one (or more) for that 13in sitting in their garage or their bedroom?

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