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iPhone sales surge year-on-year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Jan 2009 10:03 User comments (3)

iPhone sales surge year-on-year Following Apple's Q1 fiscal earnings report last week, it was made clear that the iPhone continues to be a huge seller, selling 4,363,000 units for the period, an 88 percent growth year-on-year.
Total iPhone sales for 2008 now stand at 13.7 million.

Apple began selling its first generation iPhone in fiscal 2007 and then the iPhone 3G in July 2008. The company now offers the media device in over 70 countries and explained that that in its first quarter of availability, 6.9 million units were sold.

CEO Steve Jobs added that company was doing well despite the global economic downturn and expects the company to continue to succeed in the future. “Even in these economically challenging times, we are incredibly pleased to report our best quarterly revenue and earnings in Apple history—surpassing $10 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time ever.”

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3 user comments

127.1.2009 11:47

Heh well at over $60 a month for a plan, you'll never see me with one, and if you do it'll be an unlocked fake from China which is surprisingly better then the actual iPhone itself...

231.1.2009 09:04

I use to think like you but you have to think out of the box


number one: if your smart like me you can buy them 'outright' unlocked on ebay i.e no phone plan...(mine is locked, but its set on the company i want anyways). THus its cheaper

number two: it sux that iphone costs so much (damn marketing costs), plenty of touch phones cost less and is better eg. blackberry

HOWEVER sometimes popularity when buying stuff is good, i.e if its popular enough the homebrew world kicks you know how many 'jailbreaking' vids there are on youtube?? with homebrew abilities i can play free games, free apps, homebrew apps (eg. change my touch screen into a giant camera)

hacking/homebrewing unlocks the full potential of a device eg. nintendo DS 'slot one' cards or 'playstation portable' homebrewing

fake iphone has no GPS have fun getting lost and not being able to use a realtime google map..i've actually driven and walked with GM on


the fake 'china iphone clone' i.e the "i9" is ok but the ram is slow, and it looks too fake, iphone gimmicky stuff seems lame but seems envaluable when you compare to iphone clones

i.e when you tilt the image or webpage in the fake one it lags then reappears in horizontal to vertical (vise versa) but in the real one it ACTUALLy flips it

i.e you buy iphone not for its abilities but its fun-ness

why spend $300 (depending on currency) for a fake one? if you don't want the gimmicky stuff? might aswell just get a normal phone...actually if you payed abit more you can get the blackberry for that price on ebay.

i have altered so much stuff on my iphone its cool

eg. mine is a street fighter theme iphone with ken doing a 'shinryuken'

if you slide to unlock it says it (ripped the audio of SFA2) my slidebar has been altered to look like a hadouken (because originall it was a picture of ryu charing a fireball)

on youtube people have added the transformers 'transform sound' instead

my icons are not fully atlered (still in the process of changing stuff) eg. i have a 'sharingan' for the camera icon

when i put my iphone to sleep i get the R2Dt sound from starwars....i have so much altered stuff i'm not typing it many cool games aswell, i have 'muck around' apps (i.e apps that you dont' take seriously, you just have fun screwing around) eg. i can put up a lightsabre on the fone and if i flick it it does lightsabre sounds, stuff that you don't hack i.e free are just as good eg. 'tap tap revenge' where new songs are available to down load FREE everyday, beats tetris, you dont' know what your missing.


331.1.2009 11:30

Well I just looked on eBay and the iPhones are still very expensive, even the 2G ones...

This would be the fake that I would get:

It has basically all of the features that that an iPhone has and more. This one can use an external GPS but there is also a version with a built in GPS but it's more expensive... I don't really need a GPS so cheaper is better. Plus I already have a GPS, and I rarely use it :P

It runs off of Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional so that's pretty cool too... Lots of stuff to do with that :)

***\\\//****\\\ ****\\\****

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