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iPhone has 66 percent of mobile browser share

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2009 23:45 User comments (5)

iPhone has 66 percent of mobile browser share According to new data from Net Applications, the Apple iPhone controls 66 percent of total mobile browser share, demolishing all the competition for amount of time people browse the Web from their phone.
In second place was JavaME at 9 percent market share, followed by Windows Mobile at 7 percent and Symbian and Android at 6 percent. Somewhat surprisingly, Palm and BlackBerry brought up the rear, with under 5 percent combined.

The numbers are even more impressive considering there are much fewer iPhones on the market compared to, lets say, Windows Mobile phones, and is a testament to the rather enjoyable experience of browsing the Web using an iPhone.

Android-based phones, which were only just released last year also put up impressive numbers, especially considering there are only 1 million units on the market.

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5 user comments

14.3.2009 11:00

and is a testament to the rather enjoyable experience of browsing the Web using an iPhone.
Or, which is the case with the iPhone, you are FORCED to purchase a data plan. If you're paying for it, why not use it?

I had my Samsung Blackjack, with Windows Mobile, for close to 3 months before I added a data plan. I'm sure there are many users that never consider it at all.

With the iPhone though, I think a large part of it's customer base buys the phone expecting to use it with the web, as opposed to BlackBerry users, who primarily need email support.

24.3.2009 14:58

they out did themselves this time, take a look at that its a freaken pie chart with a freaken legend. looks like the useless statistic market is moving on up in the world whats next a Bar Chart.

34.3.2009 15:12

I sure wish apple was a more consumer friendly company. They have some awesome products that come out at a perfect time to take advantage of a developing trend. But the control on what you can and cant do they apply to the products makes me stay away.

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44.3.2009 15:22

I had a blackberry for 4 years and just bought an iphone. It's way better!!!
Yesterday I downloaded my first game, JigSee, which lets you take a picture from the iphone camera and then turns it into a jig saw puzzle, and the kids love it!!!

56.3.2009 1:27

I may be adding to this tomorrow. I'm a little hesitant because of the battery not being easy to replace.

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