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NBCU content headed to PSN

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Mar 2009 17:32 User comments (7)

NBCU content headed to PSN Sony America and NBC Universal have jointly announced a new deal that will bring NBCU movie and TV content to the PlayStation Network.
The content will be available for download via the PSN on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles. The new addition brings PSN's content total to 1300 movies and 4500 TV episodes.

Sony says there are 9 million registered PSN users in the US, and over 20 million worldwide.

There will be new releases available as well as catalog titles and NBCU specifically noted that hit shows such as "The Office", "Heroes" and "Battlestar Galactica" would be available.

Prices vary on whether you want SD or HD-quality video.

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7 user comments

111.3.2009 17:54

meh, this is really not that interesting since u can get FREE content on anyways regardless if its HD or not. Just another way for Sony to collect some revenue me thinks. . .

211.3.2009 20:15

True enough BB, why would we pay for something we can get for free on the internet. Sony, I don't know who is running the company these days but they need to be fired! There is no reason why the PSN cannot be just as good if not better then Xbox live. Probably because Japan dose not understand the American market and there ridged Corp. decision making prevents them from thinking outside the box (pun not intended).

312.3.2009 8:13

Well it never hurts to have more features for those that do find this appealing. You can say the same for the millions that pay for Xbox Live gold but it still sells.

412.3.2009 20:20

It is always a good thing to provide users with more content options. Period.

The problem, is that people who wanted this content previously (and know what a torrent is) have had access to this stuff for FREE. The ps3 plays most files used for this content. I have EVERY episode of family guy, and I didn't pay 2$ an episode. I feel it's the same as watching them off my DVR. Only more convenient.

513.3.2009 2:26

Even the PlayStationNetwork needs to draw some sort of revenue, this maybe the answer there looking for.

As for the XBL network, Microsoft created a Monopoly which is normal for MS. every thing you do while your hooked up online is threw XBL. while PSN is not shoved down your throats, its an option.

614.3.2009 13:35

See the problem with watching stuff on, are run by Rearend (you get the insult) people. What you people can watch for free, people who dont live in the States cant. example people who live in canada near border areas get most of the american stations but they are not allowed ot watch programs they missed off those websites. its a American only BUll $$$#$#$$ So this option will be good for those who dont live in the states.

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714.3.2009 15:50

Yea... That "US Viewers Only" policy really pisses me off... Makes me wanna "steal" even more stuff...

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