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iPhone 3G to be available without contract

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2009 18:10 User comments (5)

iPhone 3G to be available without contract Beginning next week, AT&T will begin selling the popular iPhone 3G smartphone without contract, but at a large premium.
The 8GB model will sell for $599 USD and the 16GB version will sell for $699 USD. Currently, with a two-year new contract or upgrade, the phone costs $199 and $299 respectively.

Only current AT&T customers can purchase the no-contract iPhone however, leaving out other GSM users who were looking to pick up the phone. Another potential problem is that even if users purchase the phone to use with T-Mobile, they will only get voice and EDGE service, not the faster 3G data plan.

Although the unsubsidized price may seem high, it is about equal to what the original iPhone sold for without contract, and is in line with other non-subsidized smartphones from Sony, Nokia and RIM.

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5 user comments

120.3.2009 5:20

Looks nice, but most probably they'll stick their data plan somewhere to charge you $30 each month... :-( ... If this is not the case then I'll buy one.

220.3.2009 11:07

Does this new upgrade include real voice dailing?
It would seem to me that Apple would get it right this time. If not I will continue to wait for a touch screen Blackberry for ATT or one that is unlockable for any carrier.

320.3.2009 13:33

This falls under the category of "What were they thinking?!" If there is anyone on earth who would willingly pay AT&T an extra $300 to sell them a hobbled and featureless iPhone, I have some sub-prime mortgages I'd like to sell you!...I mean really... you'd have to have Alzheimer's to submit to this rape!

420.3.2009 17:53

"The price works out to be more expensive than buying a subsidized iPhone with a two-year contract, paying the subscription for a month, canceling the plan and paying the early termination fee. Including the activation fee, that would come to $476 for the 8GB iPhone."

i stole that from here but i thought you would get a kick out of it

520.3.2009 19:42

Woah. Hmm yeah sorry. The original really wasn't worth the price, and the 3g isn't enough to make me, or I think anyone, to change their minds. Also if you're going to use it for T-Mobile you might as well buy an original iphone since you can't make use of the 3g hardware.

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