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RIM to offer unlimited TV downloads?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2009 0:06 User comments (5)

RIM to offer unlimited TV downloads? Research in Motion (RIM), is contemplating starting its own unlimited TV service, one that will allow BlackBerry smartphone users to watch full TV episodes from several networks.
Making the service different is the fact that the service will allow users to pick and choose the shows they want and download them individually.

All downloads would be limited to Wi-Fi however, as RIM does not want to "over-saturate carriers' networks." GSM-based BlackBerries would be able to download the shows, but CDMA-based phones would not, as CDMA carriers such as Verizon have asked RIM to strip WI-Fi capabilities from their phones so users are forced to use carrier 3G services.

If the rumor is proven true, RIM would have an advantage over other smartphones, most notably the Apple iPhone, which only allows music and podcast downloads from the iTunes store, but not videos.

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5 user comments

127.3.2009 0:10

Not bad... But no matter what Blackberry plans are still pretty ridiculous...

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227.3.2009 1:18

It's a shame CDMA wont carry it. I know in Canada, only the CDMA providers have unlimited data plans, which would allow you to download to your heart's content :) our GSM providers cap data... :(

And GSM is a little slower than CDMA (not by much, now that GSM finally caught up by going 3G), so how long would it take to download an entire clip? or is it steaming?

327.3.2009 9:33

if its limited to wi-fi, the service provider wouldnt matter. and it would be free.

427.3.2009 12:34

Tmobile has a $10 email only plan, but you still get a small data plan with it to download any attachements and pictures. But it still works.

513.4.2012 6:37
Unverified new user

i wnt to watch movie

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