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Ashton Kutcher is the king of Twitter

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2009 0:18 User comments (18)

Ashton Kutcher is the king of Twitter Popular actor Ashton Kutcher has become the first person to achieve 1 million followers on Twitter this week, beating out CNN as the first to the milestone.
"We have shown the world that the new wave is here," Kutcher said of the milestone. "It is present and it is ready to explode. You guys are all of it because I can't follow me."

CNN was long the leader in the race, but Kutcher pulled off a rally in the last week that brought massive media attention to CNN, Kutcher and Twitter in general.

The breaking news page has since past the 1 million follower mark, and Britney Spears is within hours of passing the mark as I write this article.

Kutcher adds that Twitter is "removing filters between celebrities and fans, big media companies and their customers."

Now that the "race" is over however, all eyes are on Oprah Winfrey, who recently joined the site and gained 130,000 followers in under 24 hours.

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18 user comments

119.4.2009 0:41

Ohmygod. Thanks for posting this wonderful news article - talk about information I can use everyday!


219.4.2009 0:58

Originally posted by brintres:
Ohmygod. Thanks for posting this wonderful news article - talk about information I can use everyday!

While this article isn't great, it is definitely news worthy of being on AfterDawn, considering it is a technology-geared and related site. If CNN (even though they were involved) had this on near-front page status it definitely deserves a spot here to say the least.

However, I am kind of surprised that Kutcher was the one to hit the milestone out of every organization and person on twitter.

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319.4.2009 2:43

just another thing he can gloat about... looser

419.4.2009 3:21

when did the masses started glorifing people for doing nothing??

oh that'ts right, when Paris Hilton became a celebrity and people started paying her tons of money just for showing up in a disco...

519.4.2009 3:32

why doesnt he just get off twitter and grow a set and go find his wife or is she getting boring in her 40's

619.4.2009 4:33

So, I am an AD user, but I also frequent the site Popurls. Under the twitter feed, there was a link here.


Initial reaction: Cool! AD's site is linked from the other site I go to.
Second reaction: Who? Twitter? What? Twitter is infecting everything I know, love, and stand for!

Tweet tweet. I do not have a twitter account, and plan to never get one.

719.4.2009 5:30

lol -- 1 million empty-headed 12 (and lost 30-somethings) year olds tailing some "personality" because their parents are nowhere to be found.

WOOHOO!!!!! A new generation of street sweepers!

819.4.2009 7:03

Did he achieve this "amazing" feat by posting photos of his older wife's a*s*s on the internet? What a genius...

919.4.2009 7:53

For more on Ashton Kutcher ... see this posting ...

1019.4.2009 8:57

It's sad to see that even in a technology related website such as AfterDawn, where you would expect to see individuals with a higher IQ completely missing the point.
If you make an attempt to see beyond the publicity fluff of this Twitter face-off, it's another sign of how social media is shifting the landscape of information distribution.
Twitter is not for everyone, but shunning it completely is shows that some people completely fail to the see the big picture.
In the next 2-5 years, whether you love or hate Twitter, you'll be required to participate in a social collaboration via digital media. And if you still refuse to be part of this "trend", well you always have solitaire on your desktop

1119.4.2009 9:41

"Twitter collects personally identifiable information about its users and shares it with third parties."

Nice. Social network spam.

1219.4.2009 9:58 the looks of it is just another facebook, myspace, fubar etc...

1319.4.2009 12:46

Missing the point. I've seen tweeter and I've seen comments made on it. Who really cares that someone ate a taco.

Its amazing to me that with all this wonderful technological discoveries in the past several years its all for stuff that doesn't really help anyone. Instead I get to listen to folks talking on their phones in restaurants and movie theaters. You can't seem to carry on conversations with anyone any more because they need to excuse themselves to answer their phones or text someone. No one seems to be able to do their jobs anymore because of all these outside distractions. What happened to meeting people. And I'm sorry, tweeting someone is a very poor excuse of getting out there and talking face to face.

1419.4.2009 16:06

I just setup a twitter account to see what this fuss is all about. Guess which twitter user is automatically selected for you? None other than Ashton friggin Kutcher. No wonder he has a million followers. CNN wasn't on that list.

1520.4.2009 1:48

Originally posted by roncallar:
For more on Ashton Kutcher ... see this posting ...

Thanks for that, roncallar. I didn't read the whole thing, but from what I skimmed I drew a very nice quote:

"We live in an age of popularity surveillance now."

Deep. Thankfully, I'm sitting this one out. I second what why4 said. Who cares if someone ate a taco? Amen.

1620.4.2009 1:55

I can't imagine a single word that Ashton Kutcher could mutter that I would be even remotely interested in.

I have found other things on Twitter that were interesting...
for about 5 minutes.

Facebook wears you down in about a month...

I could never handle the psychedelic pages at myspace. They gave me a headache. The way the text scrolled and the horrendous background didn't! And everyone had some loud, lame song playing... Naw, Myspace was a no go.

Someday the kinks will get worked out and this social networking thing will be cool. Maybe we'll all connect through our WoW avatars. Our thoughts will be automatically uploaded through our Iphones...

No, that wouldn't happen because Apple wouldn't authorize the app for the appstore!


Go get 'em Twitter!
(excuse me while I enter this into my twitter page from my phone!)

176.8.2009 10:27

I am so glad I'm a follower of Ashton Kutcher. Don't be a hater 'til you see what he tweets about. The man is very compasionate about the world and what is happening in it. His tweets get information out to people about hunger & malaria, and what we can do to help stop it. It is not just talking about his wifes a*s*s, or what he is eating.

1814.12.2009 20:53

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