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Fox is rethinking 'premium' DVD, rental separation policies

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Apr 2009 11:49 User comments (3)

Fox is rethinking 'premium' DVD, rental separation policies Last month we reported that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment had announced it would be creating two classes of DVDs for now on, a "premium" version with extras and digital copies and a "rental" version which removes all extras and will be available for rental only.
The first movie to be "split" was Oscar-winner Slumdog Millionaire which hit stores and rental outlets on March 31st. It appears the studio is now reconsidering that policy, and rental outlets will now be allowed to order 'premium' sell-through versions as well.

This is according to library media distributor Midwest Tape which has informed all its accounts that Fox has reversed course on the policy, due to a large number of complaints from retailers and consumers.

On the other hand however, Fox has denied the report saying it has not made a final decision on the policy.

"Fox is currently reviewing its policy as it pertains to the library channel," added a spokeswoman. "No changes have been made at this time."

Fox did issue a notice however, on how the studio continues to receive complaints over the policy. “Over the past week, many of our customers have advocated via e-mail and on list-serves for a reversal of Fox’s rental policy,” says the notice. “We are very pleased to announce that in response to this vocal and persuasive outcry from the library community, Fox has decided to amend their policy.”

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3 user comments

119.4.2009 13:27

WOW! First the Time Warner Broadband cap backdown, now this! Power to the people baby!

219.4.2009 18:32

Originally posted by progrockt:
WOW! First the Time Warner Broadband cap backdown, now this! Power to the people baby!
Yeah! Death to DRM install limits for pc games next?

320.4.2009 08:42

I can see a split between rental and retail. What they are trying to do is limit the quality of movie when rental stores take the movie down from rental and sell it as previously viewed... What it sounds like to me is that Fox is preventing a rental store from getting any of the retail versions. Does fox not realize that rental stores actually sell new shrink wrapped retail versions?

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