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'Lego Rock Band' coming soon

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Apr 2009 21:59 User comments (13)

'Lego Rock Band' coming soon Warner Brothers has confirmed that it is infact working on a new Rock Band game that will feature Lego characters. The deal is already in place with Harmonix, MTV and the Lego Group, and the game will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and the DS handheld.
"Lego Rock Band combines two compelling properties and creates an experience that family members of all ages will enjoy playing together as a group," said Tom Stone, managing director of TT Games (part of Warner).

"Harmonix and MTV Games are the world experts in music gameplay, and we're genuinely thrilled to bring the unique and humour-filled Lego experience to their Rock Band universe."

Bob Picunko, of MTV, added: "Harmonix and MTV Games are big fans of the Lego game franchise and excited to work with TT Games to develop a new take on Rock Band that focuses on great music and Lego humour that's fun for the whole family."

So far the only songs known are:
"Boys and Girls" (Good Charlotte)
"Kung Fu Fighting" (Carl Douglas)
"Song 2" (Blur)
"So What" (Pink)
"The Final Countdown" (Europe)

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13 user comments

123.4.2009 1:53

cool another game with 20 songs on the disk and another 100 for download at a few bucks a pop right after it comes out sign me up i have tons of money to waste.....

no thanks for me ive about had it with these types of games that rely basically on dlc to milk every penny out of the consumer thats possible.

223.4.2009 2:55

usually i dont like it when they re-release games with 'themes' like these, but i do like those lego ones though. especially lego star wars! i find them full of comical relief and very enjoyable.

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323.4.2009 3:35

I think the lego games are excellent.. stupid but excellent.. Indiana Jones was a scream.. I think it's about the best game released this gen so far for overall playability and adventure platforming retro pleasures.

Not so sure about this sudden surge in pretend music games.. as a musician I think they are all generally horrid... learn to play and sing for real ffs.. and gain something which is both a pastime and a pleasure you can always enjoy.. even perhaps when the lights go out in 10 years.

423.4.2009 5:50

Press x too early and your guy's hand falls off...sounds even dumber than the original rockband.

I expect record sales.

523.4.2009 8:13

lol they should come with Lego Drum Kits and Guitars.

623.4.2009 10:18

I love Rock Band, and I love Amplitude. If I had a working PSP I would buy this probably.

And Rock Band is a great game, haters.

723.4.2009 10:26

Originally posted by varnull:

Not so sure about this sudden surge in pretend music games.. as a musician I think they are all generally horrid... learn to play and sing for real ffs..

823.4.2009 10:33

I'd buy this over the Beatles rock band any day.

923.4.2009 10:45

Yea Rockband is an awesome game lol

I just play on expert everything. It's fun because you get to listen to some of your favourite songs and play along with them at the same time, like an interactive iPod or somethin'. But I think If you really can play expert anything like I can, you really should actually try learning to play a real instrument. I bought myself an Epiphone LP Studio with a 15w Treynor amp and it's awesome, and my sister has a CP5 drum set and it's pretty cool too. I mean if you put in the time to be able to play expert then you really should learn an instrument. Being good at playing an instrument (well accept a few things) is a lot cooler then being able to play expert on Rockband :P

1023.4.2009 12:17

Lame IMO. Just release new songs for Rock Band 2. Enough with the gimmicks. The songs better be BWC.

My wife plays piano and cello very well. She's extremely musical. And she loves this genre of gaming. I'm not a musician, but I play guitar, and I somewhat enjoy this genre. I suck at it though. For some reason, I just can't adjust my fingers to playing a "guitar" that way. I automatically default to thinking that I need to use strings and frets and totally screw up. I can see the fun in it though. We have GHWT, and it's the only game that my wife can destroy me in. So I let her have fun at my expense. Her eyes turn to flames when she plays in expert mode. At that point, it's not even about enjoying the music - it's all about scoring points.

I guess I understand where varnull is coming from, because a friend of mine is a musician/composer, and these games bother him just on principle alone.

1123.4.2009 15:00

her XD .. anyway.. I don't rubbish these games because they do have an interactive entertainment value.. They annoy me on a more grass roots level in the same way as the glut of karaoke "reality tv" drivel singing shows we have right now. No originality and no creativity.
I thought high waistband Cowell was just another public mass moron bottom feeder until one night on an interview show he was on the same bill as Marilyn Manson.. and his comments were interesting.. "somebody like Manson has a great talent, they will always be controversial and will always be a star.. because they can't be anything else"

Music is an art form.. 99% of what the mass populace are spoonfed is not art... it bears as much relation to art as the label on a no frills own brand tin of baked beans does to a Picasso painting.

Any art which does not provoke some kind of response from the audience has failed in it's first objective. Without emotion and creativity all you have is another mass produced pile of pap designed to separate the conformists from the contents of their wallets. Love it or hate it.. that's all that matters about art.. it can't be "good" or "bad".. as long as it provokes an emotional response above and beyond the desire to copy or to own then it works.

I know this feeling so well.. having done my time in a covers showband pumping out copies of the hits of the 60's and 70's around the clubs in my teens.. I learned my trade but it drove me up the wall playing to the formula.. Something gave and I ended up going out on my own and making the kind of noises which sometimes had the bottles flying.. nothing like provoking an audience to the point of a riot.. ahhh success!! XD

I can think of another lego game.. how about "lego relationships" forget to get your other half flowers on their birthday.. and get your block knocked off.. After a few days alone in the game failing to get another girl (most members here are men sooo.. sorry girls) your hand could fall off as well *giggles* oops.. sorry *blushes*

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1224.4.2009 0:24

Do any of the games have "DK mode?" (That's Donkey Kong).

1325.4.2009 8:52

Using the signature Lego style, players can customize their own avatars as well as their roadies and crew. The game also supports Rock Band and "other music game" controllers.
Was checking here for some updates:

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