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Creative intros ZEN MX player

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Apr 2009 1:18 User comments (7)

Creative intros ZEN MX player Creative has introduced their new entry-level ZEN MX audio player, coming in two models, 8GB or 16GB.
The players look very similar to the company's current ZEN line, but has changes to the control button layout.

The player has a 2.5-inch LCD display with 320x240 resolution and includes support for MP3, WMA (with DRM) and Audible 4. Video support includes only the Creative proprietary video-CMV format. Included with the player is the Creative Centrale software that will convert many formats to video-CMV.

The Zen MX also includes an FM radio tuner, voice recording, an SDHC card slot for extra capacity and has an estimated 30 hours of audio playback and 5 hours for video.

The player will hit Japan on May 5th and cost $102 USD for the lower capacity model and $144 for the 16GB model. There is no word on NA or EU release dates.

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7 user comments

129.4.2009 01:53

i really dont see any improvements, other than eliminating the slide on and off switch on the side by placing it in the front, and many will argue that isnt even an upgrade. PLUS, creative already have the creative x-fi, so why do this?

what would really catch my attention is if creative were to redo their vision:M player by giving it a sleeker design (because that things a tank), better battery life, and a higher quality screen. THAT would bring back interest.

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229.4.2009 06:14

I'd like to see them fix the bookmarking problem. If I play a multi file audiobook for example, and I bookmark at file 3/6. When I load the bookmark it only opens file 3, and stops playing after that without going to the next file.

Until they fix it I intend to stick with my zen mozaic.

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329.4.2009 20:32

dragnandy i agree i own vision:M player and number 1 thing drives me crazy is battery life allways goes dead after about 3 hours of uses i am looking on getting new one with more battery life and lots room work with i wonder if this player can really last up 30 hours that's alot better i hate having recharge my battery so much it suck?

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430.4.2009 13:51

I own a Zen and I don't use it as much as I should because even thought it supports AAC, it doesn't want to play AAC files encoded with Nero.

52.5.2009 20:50

After I have "played around" several days with Zen Mozaic and searched through Web feelings of others who bought Zen-line players my thoughts are: CRAP! (with new design)
Mozaic has been my first mp3-player and i'm sure there's worse out there. Feeling is grate, battery life long.. and that's it. When it comes to doing anything else than just listening plain music tracks you moved there by drag&drop, a l l s u c k s. That means software part. Both player's and software's that comes with it. Well, I had a happy moment after Creative Centrale succeeded in transcoding some avi-animations to my player but it was last one.
There's no keeping audiobooks separated from music if you like playing it with shuffle (only one folder supports mp3-format and there's no inner folder structure). Zencast is a joke: the official organizer failed in transferring anything else than wmv's (yes, it supports only video!) even it promises transcoding - mp3 caused "unsopported format"-error. And list goes on...
People not using Vista may have less problems but I kinda wish I had bought an iPod...

63.5.2009 02:06

although the creative zen mosaic is complete junk, the creative x-fi is actually a good player. i has great sound quality, good screen, and such for a low price. its just that its competitors(as in samsung, cowan and others) are doing better. their players have superb sound quality, better build quality, glass screens, and the list goes on.

id go for a creative zen x-fi over an ipod anyday, but not the zen mosaic.

710.8.2009 11:22

I have the Nomad Jukebox ZEN XTRA 30 GB, it works fine but still couldn't find the driver to connect to my PC, I know that they don't have the Vista driver yet, but what about the XP driver? I am stuck with the songs that already on my player, I need to add my own songs, can any body help me here?? please....

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