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DivX joins the DEG

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 May 2009 21:21 User comments (6)

DivX joins the DEG The Digital Entertainment Group has announced they have added Deloitte and DivX as active associate members.
The DEG now has 64 members from the entertainment industry.

Deloitte has over 500 media clients in the United States and "helps companies identify ways to reduce costs as well as aid in solving operational problems."

DivX is an implementation of the popular low-bitrate MPEG-4 standard. It helps users create and share digital video.

“As our industry continues to evolve, we invite the participation of all companies to help us explore new horizons for entertainment technology,” added Ron Sanders, DEG president and Warner Home Video president. “Deloitte and DivX are both welcome additions to the DEG and we are eager to have their participation.”

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6 user comments

14.5.2009 23:03

DivX=evolve? DivX is an outdated codec from the '90s...and they have the balls to charge for it! This isn't evolution.

26.5.2009 7:22

Originally posted by KillerBug:
DivX=evolve? DivX is an outdated codec from the '90s...and they have the balls to charge for it! This isn't evolution.

hmmm, divx codec is free...

37.5.2009 6:16

Not the encoder.

48.5.2009 16:16

Ever heard of Gordian Knot thats what I use for Divx/xvid encoding

58.5.2009 19:04

Yeah I bought Divx some time ago. total junk. I have always had problems with their encoder. Their website is real pretty. But their product and support leave a lot to be desired

69.5.2009 3:19

I bought DivX 6 and recently upgraded to 7. The price is cheap and the product is great. I use both Dr. DivX and DivX Author (also purchased) for encoding (as well as some other sw occasionally). They have 50% off sales somewhat regularly, so I think I paid $20 or something like that. Not bad.

I don't mind paying a fair price to support DivX development. I use DivX a lot and love it. Great quality and good compression. Sure, Xvid and other tools are free and that's fine, but I also do not mind paying a fair price for the Pro pkg.

Their basic encoder is somewhat ugly and boring, but it works. Dr. DivX is fast, DivX Author is the best all around. Especially if you want the advanced menu features (which work, but which I rarely use).

Anyway, they charge a fair price and the product is a good value.

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