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Handhelds lead the way in Japanese console sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 May 2009 15:11 User comments (2)

Handhelds lead the way in Japanese console sales For the week ended May 3rd, handhelds lead the way in console sales for Japan, with the DSi and DS Lite at the head of the class with 56,673 units sold for the period.
The data, from Media Create, shows that the Sony PSP came in second, moving 49,557 units.

For full consoles, the PlayStation 3 led the way again in the region, selling 23,588 units for the week.

The rest of the list looks as follows:

* PSP - 49,557
* DSi - 49,133
* PS3 - 23,588
* Wii - 21,546
* DS Lite - 7540
* Xbox 360 - 7313
* PS2 - 5479

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2 user comments

112.5.2009 21:11

Handheld consoles are, well, portable, cheaper then a normal console and easy as hell to mod and play whatever game you want for free.

A DS or PSP might not be as great as a normal console game, but damn, it's free lol

212.5.2009 23:44

The Japanese are starting to get sick of home consoles and I think I can understand why. I don't regret getting a 360 and I spend a good deal of time on it but to be honest, I think the DS is more fun than the home consoles. When you want to mellow out and relax, especially after a long day, the DS is the perfect platform. It's meant for non-committal pick up and play. Whereas with a PS3 or 360, it's more of a commitment. I think this is how the Japanese are seeing things maybe. And it's also possible that the DS reminds me of the 8-bit and 16-bit era, which reminds me of happier, carefree times of childhood.

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