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Nintendo beats out rivals in 'most reputable' list

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 May 2009 15:31 User comments (7)

Nintendo beats out rivals in 'most reputable' list According to a new Forbes report, Nintendo is the sixth most reputable company in the world, beating out its console rivals Sony and Microsoft.
The firm Reputation Institute rated over 1000 companies for the report and placed Microsoft at #30 and Sony at #126, although it is notable to remember that Nintendo is the only purely videogame company in the list.

Using 65,000 online interviews from interviewees in 25 countries, each company was given a "pulse" rating from 1 to 100, with 100 being the peak of reputation "strength."

Nintendo scored a very high 81.63, while Microsoft scored a 78.05 and Sony had a decently high 72.21. Year-on-year, Sony fell while Microsoft rose. Nintendo was a new addition to the list.

Possibly surprising, the top ranked company is Ferraro the maker of the extremely popular Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Furniture maker Ikea finished second and Johnson & Johnson came in third.

View the whole list here: World's Most Reputable Companies: The Rankings

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7 user comments

111.5.2009 21:17

Go Nintendo!

211.5.2009 22:58

My girlfriend will be pleased to find out that the maker of Ferrero Rocher chocolate is the #1 ranked "Most Reputable" company in the whole wide world.

312.5.2009 5:37

To be real, im bored of my Wii. Going up for sale on eBay this weekend. As far as gamming goes, im waiting for God Of War 3 to come out, buying a PS3 then.

412.5.2009 8:48

PS3/Xbox > Wii

512.5.2009 14:24

It's all about the price.

613.5.2009 23:35


Why is Microsoft even on the list? In like the past 10 years the only thing they can get right is Fail. I think Sony should have a higher position in my oppinion because to me Sony has always made quality products that seem to last, they're just a little expensive. Nintendo, I can't argue with. They've always been a great company. In terms of consoles though I believe they've only gotten worse... I say bring back the NES :)

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715.5.2009 10:08

It's not all about the price. It's just as much about the hardcore gamer vs the casual gamer. Wii is aimed at the casual gamer which is just an alien concept to hardcore gamers. one in my house owns a Wii. I do have 3 PS2's, tho!

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