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Wilco lets fan stream upcoming album

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 18 May 2009 15:03 User comments (1)

Wilco lets fan stream upcoming album If you're a well known artist today it's almost a certainty that any new album you record will be available on the internet before it goes on sale. Rather than complaining about the ineveitable, alternative members of Wilco have decided to stream their upcoming album themselves.
The obvious benefit from letting visitors stream Wilco (the album) from their website is a chance to sell them pre-orders for the album. Pre-orders will begin shipping on June 25.

They are also providing some incentive for fans to buy it instead of downloading from P2P. People who order from their website get the option to buy an exclusive t-shirt which won't be available after June 29.

There is also a tote bag offered and every pre-order includes a download of the new song 'You Never Know' and entry into a series of drawings to take place between now and June 29.

Prizes will include 4 tickets to any (non-festival) 2009 wilco show and an iPod nano with the new album already loaded.

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121.5.2009 11:24

I love Wilco, but streaming your new album for free before it comes out is hardly a new idea or anything. I remember streaming 3 new tracks everyday for a week from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album "Californication" over dial-up, listening on RealPlayer. LOL. That was 1999.

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