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A few Sharp HDTVs banned from US import

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Jun 2009 3:01 User comments (3)

A few Sharp HDTVs banned from US import A few of Sharp's LCD HDTV line has been banned from import to the United States today, following the ruling against the company in a patent dispute with Samsung.
The two companies have been fighting for months over patents relating to the "apertures formed in the conductive layer comprising the electrode." The patents in question are used in widescreen LCD panels.

Not all of Sharp's LCDs are in question, and Samsung says it is only a handful of Aquos models that will be banned, some HDTVs and some computer monitors.

Sharp representative Chris Loncto noted however that the company is "awaiting details on the full decision so we won't have any comment."

Sharp and Samsung may still sign a licensing agreement and the ban could be dropped, which seems likely.

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3 user comments

125.6.2009 11:04

I have 2 Sharp LCDs, a 42" in the basement and a 19" in the kitchen. I love them :)

225.6.2009 11:32

ebay, craigslist, ect, bypass the usual overpriced stores & purchase from somewhere else easy!

i see the USA is still able to export PC's to china with their political malware installed though, isn't stolen code being used, what is IP theft, what is hypocrisy?

326.6.2009 20:33

Hopefully this childish squabbling gets settled cause I like Sharp HDTVs, even though my preference is Samsung.

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