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Rapidshare to appeal German court decision

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Jun 2009 12:19 User comments (7)

Rapidshare to appeal German court decision Last week, the file-hosting giant Rapidshare lost a case to the German copyright society GEMA.
As part of the ruling, Rapidshare was told to "proactively filter" over 5000 tracks from GEMA's catalog and make sure they are not distributed on their servers.

Rapidshare has announced this weekend that they will in fact be appealing the verdict.

GEMA created a software that can search web forums and extract links that infringe on GEMA's copyrights. Rapidshare however, scoffs at the software, claiming it does not work.

"It's questionable whether the application can deal with mechanisms to prevent the scraping of links, open encrypted files, accurately identify audio files or find links in forums that can't be accessed by search engines."

They of course are correct, as the software will not be able to identify mislabeled files, password protected RAR files, and more notably, files posted in private Warez forums.

Rapidshare CEO Bobby Chang also noted that GEMA is following in the footsteps of the RIAA, which will in turn alienate their own fans and customers.

"GEMA is trying to turn back time,"
he concluded.

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7 user comments

129.6.2009 01:12

This might be the end to rapidshare as we know it. They got too big and now "the man" has to cut them down to size. Rapidshare was the victim of it's own success. When your the king of the hill, the wrong people will notice you. The pirate bay use to be the king of the hill, but then they got noticed.

229.6.2009 02:01

Originally posted by jony218:
This might be the end to rapidshare as we know it. They got too big and now "the man" has to cut them down to size. Rapidshare was the victim of it's own success. When your the king of the hill, the wrong people will notice you. The pirate bay use to be the king of the hill, but then they got noticed.
And The Pirate Bay is still the king.

329.6.2009 03:43

Just registered to take a look at

429.6.2009 11:21

No biggie to me as I never share anything anyhow. And as for downloading stuff from this and other sites like it, it's a pain, Thanks to people posting obscene number of sperate links that you must individually click on and download in order to retrieve an entire file. NO thanks! I'm content to wait for single links or better yet, for the files to appear in a torrent search. So do what you can rapidshare, but if you are unable to beat your leagl wrap, then oh well. Won't be much of a tragedy here.

529.6.2009 11:58

Originally posted by 5fdpfan:
No biggie to me as I never share anything anyhow. And as for downloading stuff from this and other sites like it, it's a pain, Thanks to people posting obscene number of sperate links that you must individually click on and download in order to retrieve an entire file. NO thanks! I'm content to wait for single links or better yet, for the files to appear in a torrent search. So do what you can rapidshare, but if you are unable to beat your leagl wrap, then oh well. Won't be much of a tragedy here.
There are free tools called download managers. Flashget being one of them. You select all of the links on a page. Hit Ctrl-C and they are all automatically populated for download. There is no reason to individualy download every link one at a time.

The end of RS would be a pretty big hit. There are too many services out there. Netload, hotfile, megaupload, megashares, etc...the list goes on. Even with all of these alternatives, RS has the largest user base, really making it easy to obtain anything (if something is hosted by one person on megashares, you can bet the ranch that there are numerous other mirrors on RS - but it doesn't work the other way). It would be interesting to see who surfaces as the next big hoster, but it will take some time after the dust settles. People on warez will be scrambling to only one of the alternatives, as it's pretty ridiculous to have multiple subscriptions.

I have an RS subscription, but it primarily serves as a means to store my own data that I share with members on other forums. And I share personal files with friends and family from time to time. I hope that RS at least stays alive for that purpose alone. Unfortunately, if the majority of people subscribing to their service share warez, they stand to lose a huge portion of their user base and sales, and I doubt they will survive with whoever stays on.
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629.6.2009 13:15

Thanks for those suggestions.

72.12.2009 18:39

a frien post this
This article is posted by S.A member Hackworth December 2nd 2009

I hope this article will be allowed onto the main page because it is very important to me to know how other members feel about this topic.

I know that most Rapid Share paying customers (members) have received an email such as the one I received below.

Not to mention that some of the new policy changes made by Rapid will have a long lasting effect on some up loaders that continue to use this file hosting service.

There fore this could affect some websites as well as to the type of content and how it will be delivered onto a site.

This is the email I received as probably most other members did as well it goes on to say.

Dear Customer

We hereby inform you of a modification regarding the file inactivity regulations for Collector's accounts.
The guaranteed storage time of a file after the last download (or after the upload, if a file has never been downloaded)
Will be lowered to 60 days on January 1st, 2010.

Please note that Premium accounts whose files use more than 50 GB of storage are subject to the same storage rules as Collector's accounts.

If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you are entitled to cancel the contractual relationship within a time limit of four weeks as of receipt
Of this notification. Should you not make use of your right of cancellation, the alterations are presumed to be accepted and become an effective
Integral part of the contract.

Best regards,
Support Team

Rapid Share AG
Gewerbestrasse 6
6330 Cham

Well this is a bit of a change from there last email which stated 90 days.
I also would like to mention that Rapid Share is no longer allowing some users to redeem there points to there premium account any longer wonder why? MMMmmm oh ya they realized it was costing them money, and thatís something they donít have much of ya right.

Instead you can only redeem them to open and start a new account which to me is useless because I not only download from an account I use it to upload as well.

So this new system is no good for uploading since the account is only active for 30 days and is limited because it is a collectorís account, and I donít feel like having a new account every month.

I had enough points to redeem my regular account as I have always done since last year, but today I went to redeem those points and it would not allow me.
The only option was to redeem them for a new one month account.
Then once I did this there was no email notification about my new account login info.

The sites main page showed it for a moment but I lost my connection thus loosing the page and the new account info that was being displayed on it.

I also lost 10000 points for an account I did not want and now can not use.
I will be sending them an email about this issue and how I am very displeased with there new policy.

My regular account which holds all my main S.A files and links are going to expire.

Expiration date: Wed, 23. Dec 2009

Now normally every month I can redeem my points and re-new this account.
But thatís all in the past now it seems, Rapid Share will not allow this any longer or so it seems in my case, I donít know about others having this problem.

I use too pay every month for about almost 2 years until I started uploading and redeeming points after all that is the whole idea and Rapid Share made this rule not me.

But it would seem that Rapid Share is kind of going back on there own rules these days or at least modifying them to there benefit.

Now I can understand them wanting to make some changes because of money this is one of the main reasons they are doing this.

But they are also one of the largest file hosting services to date, and have plenty of that green stuff rolling in trust me.

But when you think of how many members they now have not including the ads and sponsors that are raking in big money for this huge file sharing site, which by the way has other affiliate sites bringing in large amounts of revenue as well.

I cannot agree with this new policy without getting a bitter taste of greed in my mega bytes.

But too top it off I then looked at some of my files and noticed some were gone deleted without me even knowing and yes they reserve the right to do this I know its in there policy.

So now some of my links may not be active anymore and I have too check through all my links just to see which ones are now dead, now this really is beginning to smell a bit folks I donít mind telling you.

I think Rapid Share has become a bit too greedy this last year or so, and I am noticing that they have been removing a lot more files from users lately due to copyright issues of course, and I can understand this.

Perhaps the mighty Rapid Share is starting to buckle from the many court problems it has had to face in the last year or so perhaps they need more revenue to pay off all those law suits you think?

Now donít get me wrong I donít mind paying the simple fee every month to keep my main account active, but I donít like the way there deleting my files and always changing the time line and rules as specified in there policy agreement area..

But once again they reserve the right to change what ever they want when they want without notice to there paying customers; you know the ones like you and me that made them so bloody rich and huge in the first place.

First it was 60 days then 90 days and now back to 60 days and now there points system also has become somewhat useless ,these guys are changing there minds and there rules more then I can shake a file at.

Next thing you know it might be 30 days starting in February who knows?
They sure seem to be having trouble figuring it out it changes every 4 months.

As for the deletion of files well I kind of understand this reasoning since storage online is expensive and if a file is dead for 2 months I guess this is cause to delete the file point taken.

But at the same time if your paying for it you should have the choice to keep it or Rapid could at least create an option for members if they so choose to keep such files simply opt to pay an extra small storage fee optional of course but simple yes?

Its like this if you have a bunch of old boxes and what not and put them in a storage facility just because you donít use the stuff will the owner of the storage facility one day just up and throw your stuff in the middle of the street? I donít think so.

Now I know this is a bit different then that scenario, but seriously Rapid needs to start giving its members some new options or there going to end up loosing in the end trust me.

So you see this way you have no control over your files anymore and no 2nd option available, and that to me is kind of stupid on Rapid Shares part.

I donít know for sure if I will continue to pay to keep my main account open.

Itís not about the monthly fee I donít mind paying to use there service but this loss of points and new stupid rule there pushing out is making me have second thoughts.

I think if you pay for something you should have some say in what happens or at least a secondary option and as far as there new policy well it goís against there original idea more uploads means more points means free redeemable account updates there great idea not mine.

So when Wed, 23. Dec 2009 just before Christmas comes all my links on S.A may no longer be active or at least as a member.

I donít know if I want to continue with Rapid Share anymore this new rule of thereís has really kind of pissed me off.

They just ripped me off for an account I didnít even want and now canít use not to mention the loss of 10000 points and a few deleted files.

I have paid and had this account for 3 years or more now and for these greedy pricks too start dictating this crap to there members is just plain out right wrong in my opinion.

They should have a secondary option for members if they so choose to use it and pay for it, but they continue to do business as usual.

I may switch over to Hot File or Mega Upload or just not use any file hosts anymore and just step out of the upload download game all together.

I see too many people yelling no Rapid no download well donít worry if things keep going the way they are you wonít have to worry about downloading from any one because there wonít be any more active up loaderís.

This is just pure greed thatís driving Rapid right now and they know there the biggest and hold power over thousands of members files at a flick of the switch.

So why would they care if one or two members decide to leave they have plenty more to make up for it.

I have more then my shares worth of files from over the years I donít really need anymore I have more then 8 Tera bytes of files already not to mention movies and games on top of that figure.

I think Iím ok for the next 10 years or so LMAO.

I just upload stuff I have so others can have it too plus share the odd tutorial when ever I can be of help, but thatís about all I do with Rapid anymore because I know my files and time are eventually going to be deleted by Rapid and also because files get lost and forgotten due to the huge website archives this is only normal and part of the problem.

But now with this new rule that prevents a member from redeeming there RS points to there main account even if you wanted to upload the links to other sites your main account can no longer be redeemable by the points system and that was the main point that made Rapid Share so popular in the first place.

Now I know itís free to upload using any file hosting service but there are some limitations to how much space you can use point taken, and the amount of space I have used as a paying member would most certainly exceed the free size capacity there fore rendering most of my files mega dust as a non paying member.

I guess Rapid has made enough money and members over the last 5 years it feels it no longer needs to offer some of these pre-existing options to there premium members any longer.

I noticed a lot of other up loaderís are now posting more and more with other file hosts and not Rapid Share perhaps this could be the domino effect of Rapids new guide lines.

I also know that some countries cannot use Rapid Share so that too could be the reason.

If I do choose not to re-new my account I will be re-uploading only my tutorials to a free file hosting service such as Hot File but thatís about it.

Itís just not worth all the work to upload a file and post it then have it deleted by the Hosting provider in this case Rapid Share which in my opinion makes enough money as it is.

I n any case what ever I do decide I thank you for taking the time to read my article, and would like to know how you feel about the new Rapid policy or do you think Iím just being over dramatic which at times I can be.

I can hardly wait too see some of your comments I gather they will be illuminating or on the other hand none at all.

So in any case my files might just become mega dust after Wednesday December 23 2009 if I decide not to give in and pay these greedy pricks.

I need to really think about this one cause all my posts will be terminated if I donít pay up, and Rapid knows this.

It almost smells like blackmail in a way, pay up or loose your files oh well thatís capitalism and socialistic power greed for ya.

Thanks for all your past comments on my posts it means a lot, and made the work and time worth it.

Looks like it might be back to the free user and time limited RS clock for me again.
I remember those painful days I can hardly wait.

No problem I will still be an active member here on S.A and leave good comments on other members uploads and support there efforts, but I think this may be the end of an era for the Rapid Sharing Hackworth.

These guys have just gotten a bit too damn greedy for me to fork out any more money too.

From S.A member and long time paying premium member of Rapid Share.

This is Hackworth thank you for letting me strain your eyes perhaps Iíll just post news articles there free LOL I guess Iíll wait to see if Santa pays for it.


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