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Indie studio starts online video service

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jun 2009 23:47 User comments (4)

Indie studio starts online video service The large indie movie studio Gigantic Group has announced it will be starting Gigantic Digital, an online streaming movie service that will begin with the release of "Motherland" on August 26th.
Each movie will cost $3 USD for three days of unlimited viewing, and GG says they hope to have 5 titles available by the end of the year.

"As things stand now, financial and market pressures on bricks and mortar exhibitors have largely eliminated the possibility of a truly independent film finding its audience or building word of mouth,"
notes Gigantic President Mark Lipsky. "Even with rave reviews, films can be off screens so quickly that the audience has no time to find them. Not only can we keep a film on screen indefinitely, but we can dramatically extend their reach into the marketplace and grow the audience in areas of the country that have never been exposed to indie films."

Jennifer Steinman, director and producer of "Motherland," adds: "It is the quickest and most intelligent way to get your film into every living room in the U.S."

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4 user comments

130.6.2009 1:04

Five titles by the end of the year...WOW can't wait,,,,did I read that right?

21.7.2009 9:50

sideffx - We're not a content aggregator like hulu or snagfilms where quantity is as important as quality. Instead, we work very hard - usually for at least 6-8 weeks - marketing and publicizing each film that we exhibit through Gigantic Digital. So our output, at least at this early stage of our development, will be more like that of a medium sized distributor. I'll be very happy if we can offer 4-5 more films of the calibre of Jennifer Steinman's wonderful "Motherland" between now and the end of the year. Hope that clarifies my comment to Variety.

31.7.2009 18:09

o.k. that makes sense! My bad!

41.7.2009 18:41

I'm interested in knowing more about the technology you plan to use.. will this be another drm filled web applet style player or just a direct stream which people can use with whatever streaming player they already have. If it is browser based which ones, and if not but more of a web/stream player will it be cross platform?

Are you not worried that with the poor bandwidth and speeds experienced by the majority of internet users, isp's capping downloadsa and priotising media sources to the cartel who pays most that you will leave people with a poor impression which is nothing to do with your streaming service but which is instead directly the result of preference by the isp's and the cartel for mainstream same old media?

My final point.. why US only? .. there is a big world out there. You are aware that limiting output to only one region will just encourage people to record the streams and upload them into the file sharing and p2p domain. Using revenue from mainstream broadcasters in the rest of the world (tv companies and cinema chains etc) to fund low cost streaming to the USA only will be seen as giving us in the rest of the world who are interested in your product the proverbial finger.. and we are pretty militant out here ;) Once people see they can get your output for free with no payment or time limitations they will just take.. and there is no way to stop it.

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