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Xbox 360 with Natal coming Q3 2010?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Jul 2009 2:44 User comments (11)

Xbox 360 with Natal coming Q3 2010? According to a new Digitimes report, Aptina Imaging has been selected as the exclusive supplier for CMOS sensors to be used in Microsoft's Project Natal motion sensor system that will be bundled with Xbox 360 consoles.
The report also adds that a new Xbox 360 that will include Natal will be ready to ship by the Q3 2010.

Electronista adds that "to meet demand for the Xbox 360 game controller, Aptina plans on upping capacity at its fabrication facility in Italy that makes 8-inch wafers and look for a partner in another foundry."

Natal is a technology that uses camera sensors to track movements made by users which is then translated to the video game playback. No controller needed.

You can learn more here: Project Natal

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11 user comments

123.7.2009 3:05

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223.7.2009 7:22

While your comment does seem interesting, what does it have to do with this news article?

323.7.2009 7:36

shengzhi - that comment is more for a blog post then a comment post. And when a comment is harder to read than it is to write, I sincerely hope it wasn't a waist of your time. You brought up some interesting points, but it really has no value under this article.

As for Natal coming out in Q3 2010, I won't hold my breathe until an official announcement is made by MS. Even then, the average consumer should be smart to hold off on it until it's a proven useful gadget to own.

423.7.2009 7:38

This would be a good upgrade for the xbox 360. This is one of the few things that have caught my attention and i would love to see in action. I have seen a few vids but i would love to see this when its fully developed.

523.7.2009 9:21

Originally posted by shengzhi9:
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But this looks interesting and I want to see it in person before I make any judgments.
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623.7.2009 11:08

Price??? Console + Three Cameras, Computing hardware/software and controler. I guess $650.00. Will this work on existing consoles?

723.7.2009 14:09

Well thats good my 360's DVD Drive is starting to die so i'll get a new one with natal and come on hengzhi9 i didn't read the whole article yet and your comment is longer

823.7.2009 16:21

i was expecting natal to cost somewere 80-$100, So this is defintely gonna up the price

923.7.2009 20:49

Originally posted by shengzhi9:
spam edited by ddp
did anyone actually read all this?
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1024.7.2009 3:25

That is an article by "Libby Pervis" posted on
Times Online

Not sure why it needed to be quoted twice, though.

As for the Natal rumors... If it's less than $100 then it will sell like crazy. I'm guessing it will be much more than that.

1124.7.2009 18:42

With a little luck the 'Natal' Xbox launch SKU will come with a few hardware tweaks (we already saw the Arcade get 512mb of on-board memory), the new big hard drive (320gb, 400gb or maybe 500gb or more) that is bound to be coming and the Valhalla 45nm SoC combo CPU & GPU.

I'll be buying one transferring my data and then selling my Elite.

I'm looking forward to it.

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