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Disney Japan to offer movies on microSD cards

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Jul 2009 2:08 User comments (5)

Disney Japan to offer movies on microSD cards Starting in the fall, Disney Japan will begin selling DVDs that include movies on microSD cards that can be easily inserted into mobile phones and other devices for playback.
The digital copies will be of similar quality to current digital copies that come on discs or are available via download from iTunes.

The DVDs with added microSD cards will cost 1,000 ($11 USD) more than the DVDs without it however, adding a heavy premium for the digital copy.

Pic via Arstechnica:

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5 user comments

124.7.2009 2:21

sweet! :)

224.7.2009 4:00

why? when it's so easy, legal and free to rip your own dvd's

324.7.2009 8:44

11$ sounds like a hefty price for a smaller version of the movie. Yeah it would make sense to just download it though online at least you can redownload it I would think if you deleted it off your hard drive. If you lose that little stick than your out 11$.

424.7.2009 11:09

I really like this idea.

The road map recently published shows us 2tb cards are coming with transfer speeds of 300Mbps (6 x what Blu-ray can do).

All it needs is for prices to fall like they have done with the SD cards we now can buy (up to 16gb is very cheap).

A little collection of big capacity cards would be so much more convenient than those bulky piles of movie cases we have now.

524.7.2009 13:29

Only in Japan would something like this happen.

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