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Microsoft shows off Xbox Live Games on Demand lineup

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Aug 2009 15:15 User comments (10)

Microsoft shows off Xbox Live Games on Demand lineup Microsoft has announced the lineup for its upcoming Games on Demand service today, which will launch on August 11th alongside the Xbox Live Dashboard update.
The games can be purchased with a credit card or using MS points. There was no word on pricing details, however some forum users are claiming Bioshock will cost $30 USD.

According to IGN, here is the full list, including US v Europe releases.

* Assassin's Creed
* BioShock (US only)
* Burnout Paradise
* Call of Duty 2
* Dance Dance Revolution Universe (US only)
* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
* Fight Night Round 3
* Kameo: Elements of Power
* Karaoke Revolution American Idol Encore (US only)
* LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
* Mass Effect
* Meet The Robinsons
* MX vs. ATV Untamed
* Need for Speed Carbon
* Need for Speed: Most Wanted
* Perfect Dark Zero
* Prey
* Ridge Racer 6 (US only)
* Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
* SEGA Rally Revo (Europe only)
* Sonic the Hedgehog (US only)
* Test Drive Unlimited
* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
* Tomb Raider Legend (Europe only)
* Viva Pinata
* Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

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10 user comments

16.8.2009 15:21

I thought they were not doing "new" games on it? 0-o

And anything over 20$ is insane..........

26.8.2009 16:52

Yea, all those games in the used section of your local gamestop shouldn't be more than $15 ~ $20. I remember seeing Perfect Dark Zero for $9.00 last time i was there. i wonder how hard MS will try to rape the consumer with these. ( i still can't comprehend the price they charge for the 120gb Hd. Damn ludicrous)

36.8.2009 17:31

games on demand ? is that like movies on demand where you pay for 24 hour access then when that is over it's gone?

seems silly to me, I'd rather pick up a used copy from any number of games shops then it's "mine"

46.8.2009 18:17

Nah the game is permanently owned once downloaded; once it's tied to your gamer-tag it doesn't go away, so even if it's deleted or you exchange out your drive, you can still re-download it at no extra costs cause your gamer-tag already reports it as paid.

56.8.2009 18:34

Well, as always, i can si how this could work overseas, in places where it's really hard to buy things, I don't see this overtaking regular market, just because of the second hand market, but still, If they throw in a lot of Original Xbox games like $10 each, I'll be getting some

66.8.2009 20:01

I'd like to know how much HDD space that these games will take.

77.8.2009 2:29

These games are really old....(-_-) They need new releases on demand. Like Halo 3 ODST and COD MD 2.

87.8.2009 10:38

they take about 4&1/2 gigs, but for instance bioshock is going for 30$ when at gamestop you can get the goty edition of oblivion and bioshock bundle for 30$ so this is a total rip off. oh by the way if you think thats a rip off, google what japan got for a selection. :)

97.8.2009 20:32

I'm not interested in buying any of these off live. All of these games can be found in retail stores or ebay for reasonably low prices. Like I said, Games On Demand services are only useful for games that are out of print and rare enough to be expensive. Like Beautiful Katamari. But these titles on the Games On Demand service are all popular mainstream titles. No niche stuff like that. Even some of the original xbox downloads are a rip off. You can still find a brand new copy of Halo 1 or Fable 1 in stores (like Amazon) for like $10-12.

And even if they discontinue the Pro and sell the 120 GB elite at $300, that's merely a bandaid to the problem. 120 GB isn't enough if you are going to download full 360 games. I have to regularly delete and sometimes re-install games to my 60 GB hard drive. Right now I have six games installed (one is 2 discs). I'll have to delete 1 to make room for another one when I get a new game. I had to delete Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon after I beat them because those games were huge and hogging up a massive chunk of that 60 gigs. If it's already an annoyance to manage space with disc installs, there's no way 120 gb will be enough if you like to download full retail games (Xbox games included). M$ needs to cut down the price of their hard drive accessories and offer a reasonably priced big HDD. This over-priced M$ accessory crap needs to stop. Cut down the wi-fi adapter price too (I've no need for it because ethernet is more reliable but there are many people who need to rely on wi-fi or they may prefer it for convenience sake.)

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1012.8.2009 8:36

Games on Demand is a nice idea, but I'd prefer physically owning the game I've bought (Amazon Kindle and 1984 anyone?).

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